Time Has Run Out For

The true history of man is not what you have been taught at school. What have you been taught concerning your history?

Much of what we learn about the history of man depends upon where we live. If you live in China, the history taught is much different from the history taught in Japan, whether it is recent or ancient. What someone is taught in Israel is different from what one is taught in Germany or Egypt. The history of man is different in Greece than it is in Italy. And so it goes.

Man manipulates his outlook on the past by his vision of the present and the future. As shown in the last chapter, there are many lies about our history—the history of man.

As an aside, yet pertinent to the subject of this chapter and something that will be covered more thoroughly later, it is due to the European viewpoint of European history, that a new Europe is arising. Other areas of the world are ignorant of the growing forces in the heart of Europe that are working for a "United States of Europe." This is important to understand because it has much to do with a rapidly approaching World War III.

The heart of Europe thirsts for a revived Europe of old, and God has revealed that they will attain it and become the strongest power the earth has even known. Even as I write, only yesterday there was news from Europe that reported on a Belgian leader's new book. "In a bid to go against the eurosceptic tide that is dominating EU public opinion, Belgian prime minister Guy Verhofstadt has pleaded for the creation of a federal 'United States of Europe.' Mr. Verhofstadt, a liberal, on Thursday (December 1, 2005) presented his new book, provocatively entitled 'The United States of Europe.'"

This leader, and many others like him, embrace a billowing passion for a powerful United Europe. This insatiable thirst is fueled, in large part, by deep roots from their past, which inflame a burning desire for a renewed future.

History is unique in the eyes of the beholder, but man's true history can only be seen through the truth of his relationship with God. This is the reason man is blind to his true history; he has not wanted God to have too close of a relationship with him. Through time, many have used the name of God, but have not wanted to do as He said. The hypocrisy in man runs very deep.

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