Time Has Run Out for Man Gods Coming Government

God's purpose from the outset, before He ever placed man on earth, was to give him 6,000 years of self-rule before He would step in and bring to a close the great lesson from that entire period—man cannot rule himself. The true witness of man's history is that he has consistently rejected God and His ways, and the consequence is that he has been unable to successfully rule himself. This is the greatest lesson that can be learned from man's time on earth.

In the beginning, God established the seven-day week. The week is a prophetic type for the timing that God would use to work out His purpose for mankind. Just as there are seven days in the week, God has a plan of 7,000 years for mankind.

Six days were given to man to go about his own business, but the seventh day was God's time: a time that man was to acknowledge as the day that was set apart by God. In turn, man was to obey God and set apart the seventh-day Sabbath for religious observance. The world has done a miserable job of obeying this instruction from God. Most of traditional Christianity has moved its time for worshipping God to the same time God condemned throughout the Old Testament writings. That time was when Israel worshiped Baal and Moloch (gods of the sun) on the first day of the week—Sunday. Is it any wonder the world remains blind to the true ways of God?

Just as God gave man six days to do his own work, God gave man 6,000 years of self-rule. The true witness is that man has failed to successfully rule himself. Man's greatest attempt to establish peace in modern times is the United Nations. This institution, during a time of the greatest technology and advanced education ever, is man's greatest witness yet that man has failed.

We have come to the end of God's allotted time for man's self-rule, the end of 6,000 years of man; and now, the next 1,000 years will be God's time as pictured by the prophetic seven-day week (the first six days coming to an end and the next day—the seventh—being God's time). It is time for God's rule to be established on earth, but unlike this present time, man will no longer be able to deceive others concerning the correct time to observe God's Sabbath. Man will no longer be able to deceive others concerning what is true in the next 1,000 years because God's Kingdom will be established and His government will rule this whole earth. There will be no other religion on earth—only the true Church of God. There will be no other government on earth—only the reign of the Kingdom of God.

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    What is the year of mans selfrule?
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    How many years has man self ruled?
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