The God of Abraham

The books of the Bible were written over a long span of time. Through Moses, God recorded the events of the creation of Adam and Eve, on through the time of Noah and the flood, and on into the events that led up to the calling of Sarah and Abraham. The life of Abraham was covered earlier in this book as the story of two of Abraham's sons unfolded—the story of Ishmael and Isaac.

Then the story of Moses' calling was recorded, which surrounded the events of the Exodus out of Egypt. The first five books of the Bible cover this full span of time from Adam to the death of Moses. As time progressed and God continued to inspire more books of the Bible to be written, God gave increasing knowledge about Himself and His plan for mankind. After hundreds of years of written record given through the prophets, God sent His Son into the world. The events of the life of Jesus Christ, and those things He taught, are recorded primarily in the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Then, less than seventy years passed when the final book was written by John—the Book of Revelation. It was written a little over 1900 years ago.

As the books of the Bible grew in number, so did the revelation of the knowledge of God increase. Yet most of that knowledge remained a mystery to man, except for those whom God called. From the very beginning, God increasingly revealed more about Himself to His people (those whom He called).

Through time, very few (only those who were called) were able to come to know God. To all others, God remained a mystery, even to the nation of Israel. Although God had called Israel out of Egypt, as a physical nation through whom He would work out much of His plan, Israel was not given the spirit of God, whereby it might truly know Him.

Since man, by nature, rejects the true knowledge of God, only those whom God called out of the world could accept Him and come to know Him. The words of God that are recorded in scripture are not able to be understood by simply reading or by one's own intellectual interpretations. Therefore, man has been unable to know who God truly is.

God reveals His words, and therefore Himself, through the power of His spirit to those whom He calls. God communicates directly with them, to their mind, through the spirit essence He has given to mankind. God is not limited to communication by means of the written word or vocal language. When people hear God's words spoken to them, or when they read them, the only way to understand (in spirit and truth) is if God grants the hearer the power of revelation from His spirit, which is communicated to the spirit essence in their mind.

So only those whom God has called have been able to truly understand what God has recorded and who God is. As time has progressed, God has continued to reveal more to His people, but not to the world. However, we are now entering the time when God is going to begin doing just that—reveal His will and purpose to all mankind.

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