The Final Rise of a United Europe

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Hell Really Exists

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For over fifty years now, Europe has been moving toward a union of nations. It began in the early 1950's with the vision of a stronger European economy being formed through the European Common Market. This finally evolved into a greater unification through the governing power of the European Union. There has been a constant driving force within Europe to unite under a stronger governing organization of nations. Over time, a core block of those nations forged a stronger bond by the adoption of a common currency—the euro. Political and even military consolidation has continued to press forward.

For over fifty years, God's Church has foretold the rise of this united Europe, which would have a common currency, a military and religion (Roman Catholic Church), and would finally consist of only ten united countries.

For many years now, there has been a growing desire among many Europeans for the revival of an old Europe into a single United States of Europe, replacing and surpassing the United

States of America as the predominant power in the world. Many in Europe are frustrated with, what they see, as too slow a pace in the progress of these goals. A bond of unity among some of these nations is becoming stronger, while their frustrations are mounting against those who are seen as slowing the process. There is deep resentment and growing bitterness toward these nations (especially Great Britain) who won't join together for a stronger euro.

Although many other areas of prophecy can help you understand what will happen at the time of this Fifth Trumpet, only the conclusions from the revelation of those prophecies will be covered in this chapter. More of this information is covered in The Prophesied End-Time.

Satan's release from restraint will move him to exercise greater power and influence over the unity of Europe. Satan has exercised his influence and power to deceive and create havoc during every revival of the Holy Roman Empire. He will stir up ten nations in Europe who will take control of all power over the European Union. Only those ten nations will agree to lend their power as one.

Germany will once again be the principal driving force behind a united Europe. As in the sixth revival of the Holy Roman Empire, which led into World War II, this seventh prophetic and last revival will lead into a full blown World War III. And, like a scorpion that strikes quickly without notice, a new United States of Europe will swiftly exercise great military power that it already has in its possession under the cloak of NATO. This will occur at a very specific moment in time. This new European power, which would eventually move to accomplish the same thing, will move forward more quickly due to the influence of Satan and his army of demons.

The account of this next revelation will infuriate many people, nevertheless, it is true. At the same time that Satan will have powerful influence over ten nations in Europe, he will wield great deceptive power over the Roman Catholic Church. For centuries, the Catholic Church has been led into deception through Satan's power; but he will exercise even greater direct control at this final end-time. Although there will be a distorted bond between this new Europe and the Catholic Church, that bond will become deeply stressed as these two struggle for dominant power, one against the other.

Indeed, God will make it clear who is the true power over both the revived Europe and the Catholic Church—it is Satan:

And they had a king over them who is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon [destruction], but in the Greek tongue he has the name Apollyon [destroyer], (Revelation 9:11)

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