The Deception In

One of the most difficult things for people to do is admit they are wrong. Human nature tends to see itself as being right. We hold to our opinions and beliefs on nearly every subject as though we are right, and all others who are in disagreement are simply wrong. Think about it. Isn't that the way we are?

It doesn't matter where you turn or what you address, you constantly see people with different opinions at odds with each other.

God tells us that "every way of a man is right in his own eyes" (Proverbs 21:2). It is the way of human nature, yet God also tells man that only He can reveal the true motives of the heart—the mind of human nature. But who is really concerned about what God has to say? Man has always been determined to live his life his own way—the way that he sees fit, and as he does this, he considers himself to be right in his choices and decisions. But this is a lie, because the very core and inner working of human nature is based on pride and selfishness—self being first.

Whether man likes it or not, this base nature is the cause of the problems we experience. It is the cause of conflicts, arguments, dissension, envy, competition, hatred, wars, stress, and unhappiness in life. Herbert W. Armstrong, a wise man of God and an apostle in the twentieth century, taught millions that there are two basic ways of life. One is give, and one is get.

Man, by nature, lives the way of get. Only when people begin to seek God's help to change their nature can they begin to find the true ways to peace. Man simply does not know the way of peace. This is evidenced in a bloodstained earth through 6,000 years of human history.

A painful reality of life is to learn that the way of man is steeped in deception and lies. This truth has had a negative impact on human life far greater than most know or can admit.

We live life with many prejudices. Prejudices are hard to see in ourselves, and we have great difficulty admitting them. These prejudices have much to do with our own selfishness—our own self-interest—our own private corner of the world. What is your gender, nationality, race, or political persuasion? Do you have any bias on these subjects? Everyone has bias to address in his or her life. Facing your bias will help you learn much about yourself, but many simply cannot be truthful with themselves.

This leads us to address one of the most passionate subjects of all. It is the cause of the greatest division, hatred and deception on earth. It is religion!

Throughout time, this world's religions have been the greatest cause of evil and human suffering. You need to understand why!

One of the harshest realities people can face is to learn that they have been lied to about their religious beliefs—that they have been deceived. This is one of the most difficult barriers in life to break. People instinctively defend their beliefs because they are foundational to their entire outlook on life—the core of their decision-making process in all matters of life.

Lying—deception—is one of the most refined character flaws of mankind. Before we launch into more of what is about to happen on this earth and how God is going to overthrow all the governments of mankind, you need to preface your reading with some very basic knowledge.

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