The Council of Nicea

In 325 A.D., the Catholic Church convened the Council of Nicea. I will simply cover the highlights of this momentous event.

The Passover was in controversy and the Catholic Church wanted to be rid of it, since it wanted to be fully separate from all ties that associated it with the true Church of God, which faithfully observed the yearly Passover. It also wanted to distance itself from Judaism. The annual observance of Passover was replaced with the observance of Easter, which itself was rife with pagan practices (eggs, rabbits, fertility, hot cross buns, sunrise worship of the sun god, the resurrection of Tammuz, and the queen of heaven—Ishtar and Ashtoreth).

God did not establish a holy observance for the resurrection of Jesus Christ, but only for His death in the observance of the yearly Passover. The Catholic Church even perverted the

Passover observance by instituting weekly Communion. The taking of a piece of unleavened bread and the drinking of a small amount of wine is a yearly observance God commanded His Church, called Passover, which represents the religious significance of Christ's broken body and the blood that He poured out for our sins.

By substituting Easter for Passover, the Catholic Church was also attempting to give credibility to Sunday worship rather than the seventh-day Sabbath. By observing Easter and saying that Jesus Christ was resurrected at sunrise on a Sunday morning, it could then say Christ should be worshiped on Sundays. But as it has been stated, Jesus Christ had already risen before Sunday even began. He was resurrected just prior to sundown on the seventh day, before the first day of the week began. God gave man the method of how to count a day, counting from the moment of sundown of one day to the moment of sundown of the next. As an example, throughout the Bible the weekly seventh-day Sabbath was always observed from sundown on the sixth day (Friday) to sundown on the seventh day (Saturday). The early Greeks and Romans used the method of counting a day from midnight to midnight.

Not only did the Council of Nicea seek to destroy the true identity of Jesus Christ by instituting Easter, it also sought to destroy knowledge of the true identity of the Eternal God by instituting the perverted, sick and damnable doctrine of the Trinity. These two doctrines have been Satan's greatest and most fruitful attempts to deceive mankind into greater ignorance of who Jesus Christ and God the Father are. The identity and revelation of who the true Jesus Christ is was covered in The Prophesied End-Time.

The true Jesus Christ is not the one pictured with long hair, hanging lifelessly on a cross that the Catholic Church has deceived people into worshipping. Jesus Christ is God and He did die for our sins as our Passover, but He is very much alive and He exercises great power within the Church. He is about to return as His name Messiah (Christ) means, as the King of all kings who will reign for 1,000 years on earth over all mankind.

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