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Again, the underlying current of the interviewers was, "Why should anyone believe you over others?" So indeed, why should anyone believe what is written in either book?

That is the whole point! People cannot believe these things unless there is proof. This is part of the reason God has chosen to reveal end-time events in the manner that He has. Through the centuries, people have been lied to about God; this very subject will be covered in the next chapter. Every religion in this world cannot be right about God. All of them can't be true. The very definition of "truth" cries out that only one thing can be true. Only one way can be God's way. This is a great dilemma for man.

If the Catholics are right in what they teach, then all the Protestant churches are wrong. If a particular Protestant group is right, then the Catholics are wrong, and so is every other Protestant group. If Judaism is true, then all Christianity is false. If Islam is true, then Judaism and Christianity are false. Only one way and one truth can be genuine! Do you see the dilemma?

If the Pharisees were right, in the time of Christ, then the Sadducees were wrong, and vise-versa. But Jesus Christ made it clear that both of them were wrong!

Only God can make the truth prevail. We are at the very time when God is doing exactly that! After 6,000 years, God is in the process of bringing the world into one order, away from the control of man's self-rule. Through the process of end-time events, God is bringing the world under one government, with only one true religion. God proclaims that this new world government will last for 1,000 years, with even greater changes beyond that.

As I told the interviewers, I do not expect anyone to believe this yet. In a very few years, more and more people will begin to believe what God is doing, and what He is allowing to occur on earth. The change from one world to another will not come easily. It is likened to a woman in labor before delivering her child. People will begin to change the way they think throughout the end-time because they will see the proof of God unfold before their very eyes. This book reveals that proof; time unveils it!

God is beginning to make a distinction between what is His truth and all that is false in the world. When all of it is finished, only the truth will prevail; and, all lies and liars will have been exposed.

So the answer is that most do not believe and cannot; but all who survive will eventually believe what God says concerning this end-time, because in time, all that is true will be revealed—and in a very short time at that. As described in my first book, most will resist what is true and most will resist to the point of death. The truth is, that eventually, in the United States alone, over 250 million will die. Your hope for survival will depend largely upon your response to the truth when God begins to reveal who He is and who He is not. Only by responding to God and turning to Him "in the truth" can you hope for His mercy and intervention to give you aid.

So what will you do as world conditions worsen and catastrophic events unfold with greater intensity and frequency? The day is fast approaching when you will cry out for answers! You can begin to receive those answers now.

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