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Hell Really Exists

Hell Really Exists

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Multiple millions of angels were created. God does not give the exact number, but He does reveal that He created three angels who were superior to the rest in importance, might, beauty, authority, and power. These three are referred to by name: Michael, Gabriel, and Lucifer.

In time, after the angelic creation, God began to create the physical universe. Up to this point in time, only the spirit realm existed. The creation of the universe was exciting to the angelic family of God. God said that, upon seeing what He was creating, the sons of God (angelic realm) shouted for joy.

God said He created every thing in the universe in beauty and perfection. In time, God began to reveal more of His plan and purpose for the physical creation. God revealed to the angels that of all His physical creation (the universe), His plan would be focused upon the earth. God placed Lucifer on the earth, along with much of the angelic realm, to prepare for future events that He had predetermined long before.

Lucifer was placed in authority over the angels on earth, and they were to carry out preparations for even greater events in God's overall plan. God revealed to the angelic realm that He was going to create mankind and that the creation of mankind would lead to the ultimate purpose of all His creation. Mankind was going to be created with the potential of becoming far greater than the angels. God revealed to the angels that they would share in the joy of what He would create through mankind. The angelic realm was shown that they were created to share and help in this greater purpose of all creation.

Lucifer did not like what God revealed. He became lifted up in pride and his own reasoning. He chose to believe that God's way was not best, but that his own way was better. In his own perverted thinking, he rejected the knowledge of God and began to believe that his own way was so much better. He actually became deceived into believing that he could rise up against God and take over all rule of the physical and spiritual realm, making God subservient to him.

Over time, Lucifer planned and plotted. He began to spread his disdain for God's plan to other angels. As astounding as it is, a third of the angelic realm sided with him in a horrific rebellion against God. Lucifer would learn that he was puny before God, and indeed, God is Almighty!

The rebellion originated from earth. Lucifer planned to destroy the earth because he so hated God's plan, which was to be fulfilled here. Lucifer planned on ascending to God's throne and rule in God's stead. The solar system of our sun and the earth changed dramatically on the day of this rebellion. God tells us that, at this point, the earth became waste and uninhabitable, as all life on it was destroyed. The earth was toppled from its perfect orbit, and the atmosphere was filled with total blackness from the debris. A type of nuclear winter engulfed the entire earth in an immediate moment in time.

Even the moon and Mars were littered by the debris from this massive and explosive attack on God's physical creation. Although God limited Lucifer's attempt to destroy the earth and this solar system, He left the evidence of this attack for all to see—in time. The asteroid belt did not exist before this rebellion. God stopped the destruction of the solar system, and the debris was confined to this one region—not beyond.

From this time forward, Lucifer became known as Satan, the first great adversary of God. Satan chose to rebel against God and make himself an adversary of God and His plan and purpose. The angels, who rebelled with Satan, became known as demons.

God knew that some of the angels (having free moral agency) would, in time, rebel against Him and go their own way. Any way that opposes God's perfect way will lead to chaos, confusion, suffering, and every way that is evil. Turning from God's way of thinking results in pride, vanity and deep selfishness that is inward in nature and filled with the way of "get," while God's perfect way is the way of "give."

In all this, God knew the outcome! It was all part of His awesome and perfect plan that would continue forward, just as He had predetermined millions of years before. Holy righteous character cannot be created in any being who is given independent thought and personage. The way one lives life is always a matter of choice.

Although God knew there would be an angelic rebellion, the choice of how to live was, nevertheless, theirs to make. Those angels couldn't blame anyone else for their choices. God taught the angels that there was only one true way to live life. He also taught them that choosing any other way of life would produce automatic penalties. Those angels who chose to live God's way have shared in the joy of what God is working out in His plan for His creation. Those who have refused God's way and followed some other way have lived in futility—unfulfilled and never satisfied.

Lucifer and the demons who followed him are "set" in their ways. From the beginning of their disobedience, since they are spirit in composition and thought, they "set" themselves against God.

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