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Hell Really Exists

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In prophecy, stars are symbolic of angels. One simple example of a star that is misinterpreted by the world of traditional Christianity is the one that led the wise men to Bethlehem, where the Messiah was born. Traditional Christianity pictures this as a literal star over the little town of Bethlehem. Yet, most people do not know that it wasn't a literal star in the heavens, but an angel that directed them where to go.

The star in Revelation 9:1 refers to Satan. John's vision represents Satan's fall from God's presence to his banishment here on earth. Satan, and those angels who rebelled with him against God, have been limited in the power they once were given. They have been restrained by God. This restraint from power is symbolically pictured by chains and a place of restraint, like a prison. The key is symbolic of being released from these restraints.

Satan has been allowed to exercise powers of influence over mankind, primarily in the form of feeding man's own greed for wealth, power, illegal self-gratification, etc. Now, at this very point of end-time tribulation, at the sounding of the Fifth Trumpet, Satan and the demons (angels that rebelled with Satan)

will be released from their restraints and will be able to exercise far greater power and influence over mankind than before. Nations and religions already desire to exert power and evil on earth, but Satan will move them to follow their evil desires more quickly.

In actuality, God will be accelerating a natural course of events that would otherwise be spread over many more years of intense suffering, war, and evil on earth, which would result in far greater destruction. If God did not speed up these events, as revealed through the Seven Trumpets, and limit this time to only three and one-half years, then all life would be erased from off the earth.

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