Religion Is the Worst Offender

Religion is the greatest culprit of all when it comes to lying and deceit. You need to know why! It is for this very reason that this earth is about to suffer more than it has at any other time in history.

Religion has had a devastating impact on people in all nations of the world. The clash of lying religions is about to erupt on a worldwide scale that will affect every person on earth. Why is this, and how is such a thing possible?

This book addresses religion because, whether you know it or not, at this very time, religion is at the heart and core of your life, even if you are not religious. Most people don't like to discuss this subject, much less mention the word "God." This book is not religiously syrupy or preachy, but it does candidly discuss religion and God; yet not in the manner you are accustomed to hearing. The truth is, religion is the greatest cause of suffering and evil in this world, and it is due to this that the greatest clash of religion the world has ever known is about to erupt.

Lies are going to be exposed by this book, and generally, when lies are exposed, people get mad. If some of these lies affect your life, which they will, what will you do? Will you get mad and upset, or will you honestly address those lies with the truth? Such moments in life are quite revealing. Can you objectively deal with the truth when you hear it? The truth is, most cannot!

Candidly, how you respond has much to do with what you will experience in the months and very few remaining years that follow. This is a time for man's judgment. It is not to be taken lightly.

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