Much Revelation Yet Reserved

Nothing more specific on the Fifth Trumpet can be given at this time. A little more is mentioned in my first book, but not much. It is God's purpose that many of the details of these events, and the revelation of their complete meaning, be reserved for another time. This time will be just prior to their actual occurrence or at the moment they begin to take place on earth. This will be reserved for greater revelation from God's two end-time witnesses at this very time.

The same is true about much of what is being covered in this chapter about the Seven Trumpets. It is not yet God's purpose that all these things be revealed.

During the time covered in the Fifth Trumpet, several hundred million people will dieā€”more than the total number who died during the period of the first four trumpets. Finally, this time will also come to an end, as John wrote, "One woe is past, and behold, there are two more woes coming after this " (Rev. 9:12).

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