Gods 7000 Year Plan

This book has discussed the 7,000 year plan of God. It has focused on what is about to happen on earth as the result of mankind coming to the end of 6,000 years of self-rule, which God allotted him. Although the complete story is more involved, the remainder of this chapter will summarize (though condensed) God's purpose that is being worked out. Then, it will be explained "why" such horrifying events must unfold, as they will, at this very end-time.

God predetermined that He would reproduce Himself. He plans to have billions born into His God Family—the Kingdom of God. This plan includes creating mankind and, in time, offering mankind the awesome blessing of becoming part of His Family. The only way to become God is to be born human first.

It is a necessary stage of life that makes possible the impregnation of God's life, which, in turn, can lead to being born into spiritual (eternal) life as a God being. More of this process will be covered in the next chapter. It is a story that is thrilling beyond imagination. It is one that can only begin to be told in its greater fullness now.

From the beginning, God told man to populate the earth. Throughout the past six millennia, mankind has indeed populated the earth. Billions of people have lived and died. Those who have died are still dead. They have simply returned to the dust of the earth. However, there is the spiritual essence that God has retained (it contains no life in itself). God will give physical life once again, "in His time," in a great resurrection. That's right! God will resurrect all who have ever lived and died. They will be resurrected to physical life once again. God will do this at the end of the 7,000 years of man's allotted time to populate and live on the earth.

Mankind must learn that the way of selfish human nature is incapable of producing lasting peace, happiness, prosperity, and fullness of life. The way of "get" (selfish, pride-filled motivation) produces sorrow, pain, suffering, competition, envy, jealousy, greed, anger, resentment, bitterness, wars, oppression, disease, hunger, lust, opposition, sexual perversion, depression, crime, debate, etc. Only God's way produces all that is good and richly fulfilling, with everlasting happiness and peace in life.

Six millennia of man's self-rule is the proof and the true witness (testimony) of the ways of mankind. This is the reason why God gave mankind such a long time to experience his own way. This history will prove to mankind that all his ways have failed. Every government, religion, and civilization of man has failed. Those that exist now are failing, and all would end in self-annihilation if God did not stop it. With so much overwhelming proof, man will be better equipped and more easily able to acknowledge that all of man's ways lead to destruction (as Lucifer's did), and that only God knows the way to lasting peace and fullness of life.

Overwhelming proof (evidence) of man's dismal failure through six thousand years of self-rule, along with the following one thousand years of God's rule, which will serve as the ultimate contrast, will properly equip man to more easily acknowledge the perfect ways of God. As night is to day, so is man's selfish way to God's way.

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