God Began to Create

Again, in the beginning was God. God is an eternal being—the One and only Being of all eternity. You are limited in your understanding to the physical plane. You cannot begin to understand the great depth of such knowledge that is spiritual in nature. No one can. God reveals that all knowledge, all understanding, all wisdom, and all thought are from Him. In His Being, in His Wisdom, in His Word (Greek - "logos" -revelatory thought—which is the product of His Divine thinking), Almighty God determined to create that which did not exist. He set in motion a plan that would carry forward into eternity. He predetermined how His plan should be fulfilled.

Prophecy given to mankind is simply the revelation of God's plan and how it will unfold in actual events.

From the beginning, God was alone; but He was going to change this through a plan He would fulfill, in great patience, over millions of years. This plan began with the angelic creation.

God created angelic beings to share in this plan and to serve Him in carrying it out. These beings were created out of spirit, and they are spirit. God desired to share with the angelic realm His plan of much greater things to follow. God did not choose to make the angels like spiritual robots to function as programmed.

Instead, God created the angels with the capability of free, individual thought. They were created as individual, free moral agents who could make choices and express individual personality through those choices. This meant that they could choose not to follow God. They could choose their own way, living apart from what God told them was the only true way of life. This is a consequence of creating such beings. There is no other way to give life to beings who are capable of having "free choice" and complete individuality. Mankind also is created with the ability of free choice.

God knew that not all of the angelic creation would choose to live His way, which is the one and only true way capable of producing eternal peace—life that is happy, fulfilling, rewarding, and genuinely exciting. The knowledge of this phase of God's creation shows the great wisdom in why man was created physical and why man was created after the angelic realm.

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