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Mankind does not know why God created him and placed him on this earth. However, we are now entering the time when God will begin revealing this great plan to everyone in the world. Man will begin to understand this great purpose. Some will begin to see this purpose as we approach the final three and one-half years of man's self-rule, and then, during that final period, multiple millions will begin to grasp the great plan of God. When this time is finished and Jesus Christ begins His rule on earth, everyone will be given this understanding.

The angels were created as spirit beings. They were given freedom of individuality. They had the power to think freely, learn and retain knowledge. They were free moral agents.

Man was created similarly, only physical. God gave man the same ability to think freely. Man was created a free moral agent—to think, learn, plan his own life, and make his own decisions.

Human life is a great marvel. We are unique in all the physical creation. In the animal realm, God made creatures to have instinct. They were not given freedom of thought with individual minds to think and reason. They were given limited mental capacity that functions primarily by instinct (preprogramming given by God).

Geese fly south for the winter; they do not have to think about it. Koalas are unique in that they sleep most of the time, and they are sustained by eating only Eucalyptus leaves. God simply made them this way. Great humpback whales migrate in the waters between Alaska and Hawaii, year by year; they do not think about their journey. God programmed them to do what they do. Nothing evolved in the animal realm. It is as God created it.

But mankind, like the angelic realm, is unique through the power of the mind (the power of free choice). In actuality, every human mind has a spirit essence. The mind is not like the other organs of the body, which function simply in a physical way. Many of the brain's functions are preprogrammed by God. For example, we do not control our heartbeats. However, the mind is unique. The power to think comes from a spirit essence that God gives to every human (for the purpose of free thought, expression and individuality). This is not to be confused with the holy spirit that proceeds from the mind of God, from His thoughts. Without this spirit essence God gives mankind, we would be like animals.

The spirit essence God gave us does not contain life in itself. So that we can understand, the closest thing we can liken it to is a computer hard drive or a memory chip. Without power, it does not have the ability to perform the functions it was made to perform. It simply remains a source of stored information. In humans, this spirit essence is where the intellect is stored. This spirit essence is where (how) we process everything we choose to do (individual thought that produces individuality).When we die, this essence ceases to function; but it contains (stores) every experience, memory and thought we ever had in our human experience. When a person dies, that spirit essence returns to God. It has no life of itself, but God can place it into a new body to live once again, with the exact mind that existed previously at death.

This is the exact process that will occur in the great resurrection which will take place at the return of Jesus Christ and the resurrection of the 144,000. Consider Abraham as an example.

Although he died many hundreds of years ago, God will give him a spirit body, at the time of this resurrection, and place in it the spirit essence that was in Abraham (which returned to God at Abraham's death). Abraham's mind and individuality will be exactly the same as when he lived long ago. Only this time, he will not have a weak, physical body, but a spiritual one.

God offers mankind something far greater than a temporary human existence. We were created as temporary physical human beings for a great and mighty purpose. It was a predetermined part of God's ultimate plan before anything was ever created.

So why are we here? Why did God create us as He did? What is His purpose for us? Let's return to the story Paul tells, describing God's purpose for the angelic realm (from Hebrews, chapter 2). He goes on to explain that man was made to become greater than the angels. Paul explains that Jesus Christ was the first of mankind to become greater than the angels, and that all things have been placed under His feet.

So what is greater than the angelic realm? What is God's purpose for man? Paul tells of this purpose when he shows how it has now been fulfilled in Jesus Christ, but not in the rest of mankind. All things have not yet been put under the feet of mankind. So far, all things have only been placed under the feet of Jesus Christ.

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