Your Wealth Magnet Review

Are you tired of working in a 9 to 5 job and want to achieve success in business? Do you want to be wealthy and abundant beyond imagination? Well, imagination is the limit so you can’t go beyond that but you can enhance your imagination. The best book to help you develop the wealthy mentality and form a rewarding business mindset is “Your Wealth Magnet”. I read this book six months ago after a recommendation from my friend Jerry and before I buy it I made research about the topic. I want to save you the trouble of searching and give you my honest review about this book right here.

Michael McNally the author of the book has tapped into a new piece of the low of attraction puzzle. He came up with the low named the Abundance Butterfly Effect, inspired by the name butterfly effect from the great movie. The abundance butterfly effect deepened my understanding of the law of attraction and why it works when it works and why it doesn’t why it doesn’t. Once you apply this secret you will tap into the low and you can attract your goal to your life no matter your financial status or age.

Any self-help book I buy I must research the author first to know does he benefited from his own teaching or not and this habit of mine saved me from buying the low-value books out there. Here in this case of Your Wealth Magnet I researched the author Michael McNally. Michael had driven wealth into his life and made successful business not just from publishing this book but he proved to by example that wealth is possible no matter where you start from.

The program basically teaching you by theory, real-life example and success story how many business leaders achieved the wealth of their dream and how the abundance butterfly effect will help you the same way because if there is one thing we know about lows is it consistent, the low work every time you approach it. The entire book is based on this magnificent ancient low and how to harness it to your own advantage. The Your Wealth Magnet is a very insightful book, it explained the secret and used that secret to explain and analyze the success of billionaires like Henry Ford, Bill Gates and many other

What I Learned Personally From The Program

  • I like the language of the book and the attitude of the writer because it convinces you that you can potentially command the universe using your brain power and all you have to do is follow the guide and apply those techniques to reach that state success.
  • The great bonus of hypnosis audio helped me facing some old habits and I am still progressing in that
  • Your Wealth Magnet educated me more on the financial system and I like that it provides us with a great solution to common financial problems.

The Bonuses Included In The Program

  • The Wealth Attraction Hypnosis: A great audio course to support your journey using the enormous potential of hypnosis which is proven to be the easiest route to affect the subconscious
  • Mind over Money Neurological Synchronization: another great audio course that will leave you in deep thinking about the power of the mind and how tapping into your mind will help you make more money
  • Instant Habit Transformation Audio Course: To set yourself free from the shackles of the old bad habits


  • The author presents a lot of evidence from real life to support every topic. You can say that all the topics covered by Michael are tested and that help you absorb the information and help you affect subconscious with the ideas in the program
  • It is an important advantage that the book is very affordable and you don’t need to invest much to have it.
  • All methods in the book are easy to apply and the author states clearly that you should start applying it from the first day. You can access your brain power from the day one.
  • The abundance butterfly effect sheds more light on the low of attraction and proves to be a great addition to the self-help genre.
  • The power of this system is anyone can command the universe.
  • I like that many others tested the book before me so you are not going to be the first that gives more creditability to the abundance butterfly effect
  • The wealth magnet offers 100% money back guarantee no questions asked. That makes it risk-free for skeptical and in case you are not satisfied you can contact the author in the first 60 days for refund.


  • The book is not available in printed version, so the paper book lover will be annoyed
  • Anyone who doesn’t have the electronic device will miss out on the audio bonuses combined with the main book
Your Wealth Magnet
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