The Manifestation Millionaire Review

I recommend this book “the manifestation millionaire” to everyone into making success in their life even if they couldn’t make it using “the secret” or even if you’ve never watched the secret you still can be very happy with “the manifestation millionaire”

After researching this author and reading the book of course I began to form my own theory about this product. The biggest advantage I found about this great book is it based on the same theories and metaphysics presented in the movie “the secret” but “the manifestation millionaire” has something that the secret doesn’t have, which is the life experience of the author. The struggle of the author Darren Reagan is very much like the average person today. The same failure same disappointment of many average people and that life experience add more to the reader faith in the material presented in the book.

My biggest take on the movie the secret is that you could see the big difference in status between yourself and the stars in the movie. The very high status in the secret suppose to give us confidence but it actually made many people think low of their ability since those stars have a very successful life which the average man cannot dream of. To be able to use the law of attraction you have to be frank with yourself. Frankly, I am not a movie star nor am I multimillionaire business figure –yet- so whenever I watch the secret my subconscious keeps telling me you can’t achieve those big goals because those people must have done things out of your league.

I know that “the secret” made a big shift in many people’s business mindset and it even started this movement of low of attraction but again many books have added more to this legacy and helped others achieve their goals although these books based on the same principles.

Convincing my subconscious that I can manifest is much easier with the manifestation millionaire because the author was an average person and also because he lay down a group of techniques and method to affect your subconscious. Although “the manifestation millionaire” doesn’t have those big stars saying to you that you can be like them, on the contrary, the sets of techniques and the motivational talking is enough for you to affect your subconscious even though the author himself was someone like you one day.

About The Author

The author Darren Reagan is more of an average person and he has been through some of the worst disappointments before realizing the power of the mindset, what does this benefit me? It gave me an example of someone like myself who actually could break through his life struggle, it’s not a fancy star or super rich man this time, no he is just an average person. To me, this is the biggest advantage of this book which you can believe it easier than those superstars in the secret.

A summary of the table of content

  • The Buck Stops with You and how you’re thinking: the author present through success stories how anybody could make positive modifications in their life. Kicking the negativity should be a skill to look for learning after this chapter
  • From Ashes to Oasis This guide will teach you how your time is important and how to view your day to day life as steps towards your goals
  • Gifts Galore for the Grateful: The book will help you realize the real power of life using positive language and positive manner. Also, there are pretty good techniques In this chapter.
  • Ways to improve life: another meal of motivation and positivity. And in this chapter, the author focuses on to how to be positive no matter how bad your present situation is, and use the positivity to break through your obstacles.
  • Manifestation through clarity: this is the meat part of the book. In this chapter, Darren presents many techniques and strategies used by successful people to achieve their personal goals and earn a great amount of money. Learning and applying those techniques will help the readers to reach their goals.
  • The laws of wealth manifestation: This great chapter teaches you how to develop the desire in your mind to earn a lot of money. The moral lesson in this chapter is that ordinary people are ordinary because they chose to be ordinary and you can change that
  • 5 Minute Motivation Supercharger Series: this part is a great audio program to help to affect your subconscious and changing your emotions towards achieving big goals in life and in business. It prepares you for transformational changes.
  • Millionaire Mindset Affirmations: affirmation is a very working method in the low of attraction and very popular. This part of the program has a great example of affirmations you should do to support your journey.

Because everyone is looking for achieving success in business and in life. I recommend the manifestation millionaire to everyone to support their transformational journey, not just in business but to each aspect you seek to improve.

The Manifestation Millionaire
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