The Cosmic Transcendence Technique Review

Often times we get so wrapped up in our own little problems and forget the bigger picture, all our anxieties and frustrations make us become more depressed in a reality that seems so cyclical. Notwithstanding, we need something that is out of the ordinary. This product here is going to expand your consciousness into heights you have never even thought of, it is the expansion of deeper into different higher dimensions in our cosmic universe.

The makes this product more powerful than anything else, is that you will be obliged to learn about some techniques, the product will only activate and wake up those dormant faculties in your own body to elevate you your consciousness. It will get you to experience a consciousness from your body into your visions and transcend the physical limitations. Moreover, you will be able to learn to think and experience life in the light of higher mind worlds.

These tracks will get you to become a cosmic traveler where you’ll be able to unlock the highest potential of your cosmic ability and you will also be able to be a fully actualized human being. Through these, you can finally achieve a very easy pathway to transfer your body and consciousness into other dimensions, it will be an experience out of this world that will relieve you of everything you thought about.

In addition to that, you can enhance all your physical and mental awareness deeper into the universe to experience new realities, this is something that many people can never attain unless with the help of this guide. The experiences you will get are something so wonderful that you will even be able to create and join new social entourage with other beings and friends in amazing places in the dimensions you will be able to transcend yourself into.

This is also going to be very useful as you can even use this in daily life, the tracks given will allow you to achieve a much clearer mind state where you’ll be able to figure things out much easier and solve problems much more efficiently. Moreover, the things you will get in the other dimensions will make you a higher being in the real world that you will be able to be much more intelligent.

The tracks given are something highly precious and you will get a monthly membership access to content that will help you achieve the state of clear mind. It is divided into three levels with videos and audio streams that you can use offline. Which mean you can use these tracks even if you do not have internet at the moment through your phone, laptop or even tablets.

However, the tracks will not be downloaded, you be using the method of the integrated meta-mind coherence tool. The purchase of this product will give you instant access to the registration page where you can create your profile, and after that, you will finally enjoy the cosmic experience and be able to travel dimensions.

The author gives clear easy steps that are not quite suitable for the younger generation as he prohibits the use of the cosmic transcendence technique for the people aging eighteen and under. He also prohibits the use of the technique for people under psychiatric treatment, medication, and mind-altering drugs as that might not be suitable for them and using the technique would be a big risk for those categories.

His offering of the monthly fee subscription can also be canceled if the person does not enjoy the tracks or thinks they are not suited for their case. The products you will be getting after a successful payment is going to be a focal point in your life, it is the change that was needed for a long time. You will finally be able to change your life forever through the cosmic technique.

The first level of this program is going to:

  • Attain skills to fully relax and control the reticular activation system of the brain
  • Enter a state of awareness within the cosmic experience
  • Train your brain through simple strategies to develop a mind induced self-image
  • Move away from the earth-centric thinking into a powerful cosmic thinking.
  • Use the mind-body control in a flow of mind space that you could never imagine
  • Internal spatial awareness that will make you feel connected to the whole cosmic

The second level is the active imagination phase and it will make you:

  • Reinforce the exercises of the first level, that way you can fully master it
  • Deepen the understanding of the relationship between the universe and the cosmic
  • Develop the awareness of the universal intelligence
  • Create contacts between conscious beings
  • Activate your imagination to let go of your ego
  • Study the mind
  • Meet other beings
  • Be able to visualize your experience in a clearer state
  • Be able to visualize dimensions that cannot be normally seen such as atoms and electricity streams
  • Enhance the power of your mind to better your life

The third and final level is the level where you’ll be able to finally be a cosmic traveler which will allow you to:

  • Bring an inter-dimension in the actual brain
  • Introduce a portal vision into other realities
  • Expand the view of who you are
  • Achieve more in life by being able to experience them beforehand
  • Activate the contact of the creator of your reality
  • Know more about the space planet relationship and experience the mega point: making the earth a cosmically conscious entity
  • Achieve planetary awareness

There is no price that can pay for these levels, but the author has made sure that anyone can get and experience the joys in life that relate to the cosmic. The method includes these video and audio series which can be accessed through the registration site that the creator has established. Through a monthly membership, you can finally access all the information regarding those elements and supercharge your experience of the cosmic. It is something that will finally help you achieve a state of clarity and intelligence.

The Cosmic Transcendence Technique
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