Many colleagues and students in the Department of Classics at the University of Arizona and in its study abroad program in Orvieto, the Istituto Internazionale di Studi Classici di Orvieto, have contributed to the completion of this book. Among these, I would especially like to thank the editor of the Ancient World series, Bella Vivante, who provided insightful and patient guidance on this project, and the Program Administrator of the Studi Classici di Orvieto, Alba Frascarelli, who (magically) secured permissions to visit arcane sites and archives in Italy. I am indebted to each of them. Other friends and collegae optimi—David Christenson, Catherine Fruhan, Nicholas Horsfall, Frank Romer, David Soren, and Gonda van Steen—are owed many thanks for the daily exchanges that gratify our shared passion for antiquity, for Rome, for teaching, and for learning.

This study would have been impossible without the companionship of the many family members and colleagues who traveled to Christian, Jewish, and pagan holy places throughout Italy with me. I am especially grateful to my parents, Roy and Loretta Kahn, who explored Rome late in life, with the daring and curiosity of the ever young at heart; my nephews, Tony Kahn and Troy Kukorlo, and my niece, Julie Kahn, spirited traveling companions on our spring tours and during summers in Orvieto; fellow Italophiles, Carol Freundlich and Arthur Klein; and Melissa Conway and Mary Ellen O'Laughlin, dear friends and comites optimae. My deepest gratitude, however, is reserved for my husband John and our daughter Mary, who have shared with me all the inconsistent charms of urbs Roma aurea. My gratitude to them is as impossible to measure as my gratitude for them.

Finally, I acknowledge the debt I owe to my beloved niece, Laura Leigh Wilson, whose tragic death on July 3, 2005 left an emptiness that recast and deepened this study. This book is dedicated to her. D. M. D. O. M.

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