World Christianities C1815c1914

This is the first scholarly treatment of nineteenth-century Christianity to discuss the subject in a global context. Part i analyses the responses of Catholic and Protestant Christianity to the intellectual and social challenges presented by European modernity. It gives attention to the explosion of new voluntary forms of Christianity and the expanding role of women in religious life. Part ii surveys the diverse and complex relationships between the churches and nationalism, resulting in fundamental changes to the connections between church and state. Part iii examines the varied fortunes of Christianity as it expanded its historic bases in Asia and Africa, established itself for the first time in Australasia, and responded to the challenges and opportunities of the European colonial era. Each chapter has a full bibliography providing guidance on further reading.

Sheridan GiLLey is an Emeritus Reader in Theology, Durham University. He is the author of Newman and His Age (republished, 2003) and of numerous articles on modern religious history He is co-editor, with Roger Swift, of The Irish in the Victorian City (1985), The Irish in Britain 1815-1939 (1989) and The Irish in Victorian Britain (1999), and with W J. Sheils, of A History of Religion inBritain (1994).

Brian Stanley is Director of the Henry Martyn Centre for the Study of Mission and World Christianity in the Cambridge Theological Federation and a Fellow of St Edmund's College, Cambridge. He has written and edited a number of books on the modern history of Christian missions, including The Bible and the Flag (1990), The History of the Baptist Missionary Society 1792-1992 (1992), Christian Missions and the Enlightenment (2001) and Missions, Nationalism, and the End of Empire (2003).

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