Peter C Phan

By Indochina here is meant the three countries now known as Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam which, together with Burma, Thailand and Malaya, form the easternmost region ofthe Indochinese peninsula. Culturally and religiously, all these countries have been influenced by both India and China. In 1859, France captured the three south-eastern provinces of Vietnam, and in 1862 turned them into its colony and named it Cochinchina. In 1883, France made the northern and central parts of Vietnam (Tonkin and Annam respectively) into its protectorates. In 1887, it merged Vietnam with Cambodia to form the Union of French Indochina, to which Laos was added in i893. In addition to politics which bound these three countries together, their Christian churches are so deeply intertwined, with Vietnam often sending missionaries into the other two countries, that a joint treatment oftheir Christian histories is appropriate.

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