Guego Theologian

In 1870, Propaganda Fide charged Bishop Dupond of Bangkok to undertake the evangelisation of Laos but his death in 1872 prevented him from carrying out the task. His successor, Jean-Louis Vey (1875-1909), sent Prodhomme and Perraux to begin a mission in Kengkoi, and by 1880 there were 250 Christians. In 1881, Vey charged Prodhomme and Xavier Guego to begin another mission in Ubon. In 1885, there were 485 Christians and 1,500 catechumens, and three years later, there were 648 Christians and 4,500 catechumens. In 1878, a mission was started in north-eastern Laos, but it was terminated with the killing of twelve priests in 1884 and five more in 1889. Mission was also carried out in southern Laos after the country was turned into a French protectorate in 1893. In 1896, Vey proposed that an apostolic vicariate be established in Laos, and it was erected by Pope Leo XIII on 4 May 1899.

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