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Hell Really Exists

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There are two major religions in the Western World: the religion of God, Christianity and the religion of His Adversary, Judeo-Masonry. Being the religion of the ruler of this world, Judeo-Masonry has become the dominant faith of the so-called civilized world. This is the most stupendous, yet least admitted fact by the brainwashed historians and religionists. (See my newest book, Christian Revolt, Long Overdue: Toward America's Freedom From Aliens9 for a full discussion of the Judaization of all important aspects of American life, mentality and character.)

People do not, of course, get publicly baptized in this hidden religion, nor are their names written in some registers. Yet, whenever you meet people of secularized minds, you are dealing with adepts of the Judeo-Masonic pseudo-religion, Masons without apron or with it. They are, as a rule, not aware of it and may feel surprised or offended by anyone pointing to the signs of the Judeo-Masonic or secularist mentality to which they proudly cling.

They may even consider themselves Christians and be bishops, priests, ministers or prominent laymen in Christian Churches, yet they in fact belong to the church of the Devil, to the Synagogue of Satan, as Christ called it (Rev. 2:9). Being officially a Christian means nothing. Christ rebuked the leading apostle, Peter, for trying to influence Him to avoid the Cross, "Get thee behind me, Satan!" (Matth. 16:23). Christ also warned His disciples to "beware of the leaven of the Pharisees," i.e., self-righteous attitudes and lack of adoration for the Son of God.

Judeo-Masonry is essentially a stealthily organized offensive against Christ. The Pharisees have been at work against Jesus and His Church for two thousand years. And with the help of their Father Satan (John 8:44) they have clandestinely injected their infidel minds and imposed their will on millions of Christians:

They did it sometimes through secular education. (Christ's teachings are never to be mentioned in public schools, according to the secularist judicial authorities).

With others through the media. (Admiring attitudes for all sorts of great men and indifference or even contempt for Christ and His Church).

With yet others through politics. (Communism, socialism, "separation of Church and State," Leftist-liberalism).

Through art. (Ugliness of forms, immodesty, siding with Christ's enemies or culture asserting ungodly values, rebellious attitudes).

By inducing reliance on human reasoning in matters of God's revelation.

We live in a post-Christian world. Our values are man-made. The largest number of educated and civilized people do not care what Christ said and God revealed in the Bible. They are pagans, their minds secularized. All that decline did not just happen. It was planned and doggedly pursued by Christ's enemies, the Pharisees/Talmudists/Judeo-Masons. The fact that readers may not believe this attests to dominance of the ideas injected into Christian minds under the guise of secularist history or political/social theory, "democracy," "scientific" mentality, pluralistic culture, progress and many other concepts leading away from the only proper attitude toward Christ—submission and adoration.

This is admittedly an unconventional and Christian view of Freemasonry. The leaders of Christianity—the Popes and conservative priests, anti-revolutionary politicians and nationalists—have known to the last two or three hundred years that they were facing a crafty enemy under many disguises. They called for opposition against all the subterfuges with which the Judeo-Masons were undermining the influence of Christ's Church and His teachings.

The cunning enemy spoke in public of seemingly great and deceptively offered Masonic ideas: progress of humanity, brotherhood in relationships, social justice, care for the poor, human rights. Yet wherever the Judeo-Masons came into power through their militant front, the Communist movement, they established the bloodiest terror never matched in the previous history of humanity, which otherwise abounded in massacres and persecutions on a much smaller scale.

Naive people never see beyond the veil which the Freemasons placed over their eyes. They think of Masonry as social clubs, as tolerance of religious beliefs, even as a new, non-dogmatic, broad-minded religion. Dr. Cook has penetrated beyond the masks and pretenses of Freemasonry and showed it to be basically an anti-Christian heresy, intent on destruction of Christianity and re-imposing the pagan religions, vanquished by Christians many centuries earlier.

B. Dr. Ben Cook, a psychologist ruined by Leftist-secularist Jews1

1. Two Christian brothers meet

We were friends, though we would not have recognized each other in the street. Our contact was through occasional short letters and mostly by

1Part B of the Introduction is Chapter VIII, "Dr. Ben Cook: A Psychologist Ruined by Judeo-Masons" from my forthcoming book, Patriots, Victims of the ZOG (Zionist Occupation Government). — Ed.

phone, as I lived in Western Colorado and he 1,500 miles away in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I knew him only in the last year of his life.

He contacted me first in the Fall of 1987 in connection with the two books I had published in 1985, The Contemporary Faces of Satan 6 and The War in Christ in America 5. He was delighted by them as he was a traditionalist (Lutheran) Christian and he appreciated my unequivocal stand for Christian culture and against the secularist, liberal, Judaizing heresy.

Although he was 23 years younger, we found that we were kindred spirits. He was converted to Christ at 15 after a brief flirtation with the Communist party. He evidently sobered up earlier than I did (see 3: 58-69). In the 1960's, with Leftism rampant in the universities, he and a few of his friends stood in opposition to the mindless crowds of progressives and the pro-Communist Vietnam War protesters. The result was that the Leftists marked him for destruction.

He particularly liked that my two books did not fail to point out the suppressed truth that Communism was a Jewish creation and a tool for the destruction of Christianity and Christians.

He was pretty well-acquainted with the Talmud and its scandalous and subhuman morality (see 1: 92-124). He had published two studies on Freemasonry. The first, appeared in 1965, when he was only 27 and had not yet received his Doctorate in Education and Counseling from the University of Pittsburgh. It was entitled Freemasonry Versus Christianity.

He had no illusions about Americans being duped by the Jews. As I had to divide into two volumes what was to be a one-volume book, The F.O.J. Syndrome in America, I had tentatively adopted for the title of the first volume, Bamboozled Americans and Their Vile Brainwashers. I was not sure if I should use the seemingly colloquial expression in the title. I wondered if a less offensive word, like confused or deceived should be better employed. I asked Ben about it in one of our telephone conversations. He shot back without hesitation: "Don't change the word. They are bamboozled by the Jews and why not state the truth?" He had evidently arrived at the deceptive role of the Jews among Americans much earlier than I had. So the title remained unchanged on the strength of Ben's conviction.

2. Two studies by Dr. Cook

Freemasonry Versus Christianity11 is a pithy and thoroughly researched, though not long (32 letter-format pages) study of Masonry as a mystical pseudoreligion, a bitter enemy of Christianity, based largely on the pantheistic and the eclectic principles of the Kabbala. In other words, Masonry was a Judaizing tool, reverting to ancient Gnostic speculations and extravagant claims of superior understanding of all religions. It shamelessly taught that Christianity and other religions were the corrupt forms of the fictitious, one true religion which allegedly used to be taught in the past to the adepts of the ancient mystery cults. It was now happily retrieved to the so-called higher degrees of Freemasonry. All hogwash and puerile mind-games. Yet many ostensibly intelligent people bought it.

A great amount of research had gone into this study, with quotations on Freemasonry by Freemasonic ideologists and by the leaders of the major Christian denominations. All of the latter condemned Masonry as a blasphemy against Christianity and a gross Talmudic/Kabbalistic corruption of Old Testament Judaism. The title sections of Cook's study show the universal Christian judgment of Freemasonry as: a Christless Religious Institution, Idolatry, Lawlessness (Nihilism), Wantonness, Blasphemous Oaths Taken, and Desecrating Penalties Exacted. The fact that Freemasonry is compatible with liberal religious views, tells both of the secret origin of liberalism among Christians and the religious corruption that is embodied in Freemasonry.

The Masons, not unlike their brothers in Satan, the Talmudists, are known to have killed the traitors of their trivial secrets. Cook lists 15 names of persons condemned by Masonic leaders and murdered (11: p. 2). Having known the criminal mentality of some Masons, it required of Ben considerable courage and Christian readiness to sacrifice himself for the cause of truth. Maybe he had thus prepared himself for the dark days of his life that he experienced for several years prior to his death in the Fall of 1988.

The other powerful, if condensed, study published by Dr. Cook probably not many years after the Freemasonry- Versus Christianity, was The Phallic Worship of Freemasonry Unveiled. 2 It consists of quotations from the authoritative text of all Masonry, even of the ignorant Blue Lodge members, Albert Pike's Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. Although of relatively small size, Ben's study is extremely rich in references to mystical-Gnostic formulations embodied in the pagan-Kabbalistic teachings of that avowed sa-tanist. Pike's religious position is best symbolized in his considering Christ to have been wrong, and Judas Iscariot right. Pike, a "high priest" of the Illuminati scoundrels, hated the dominance of Christ in the Western culture. He did what he could to bring down Christianity through secularism, political liberalism and Leftism, and the spread of nihilistic immorality. (For further information on this despicable Masonic ideologist see Christian Revolt, Long Overdue (9: 109, 205-209).

Just the patience to go through Pike's theosophic garbage testifies to Dr. Cook's Christian zeal and capacity for sustained intellectual work and study. (This feature of his personality is not unrelated to the findings of my formal evaluation of his personality, which I had not anticipated at this point.) Dr. Cook divided the study into two parts: One: the anti-Christian Theology of Freemasonry, and Two: The Sexual Deity of Freemasonry.1

3. The persecution of Dr. Cook

After several telephone conversations and probable reading of my three books (4,5,6) in manuscript, Ben started telling me about the trouble which the Freemasons, Communists and Jews had caused him: in 1980 they had manipulated him into losing his license for an independent, i.e. unsupervised psychological practice. It was very painful for him to speak about it, as if it were a source of deep shame and disgrace in his life. Only after returning to this situation a number of times and sensing that I was an empathetic listener and an ideological and Christian brother, did he reveal the full extent of his pain, humiliation and despair. Then he asked me if I would help him in regaining his license. After learning the circumstances under which the revengeful Jewish psychologists and lawyers arranged for the suspension of his license—the only basis of his professional earnings2—I promised to help him all I could.

In order to help me participate intelligently in the attempt to regain his license, he sent me the official preliminary court hearings and the psychological evaluation written by a Jewish psychologist which led to his sus-

1For instance, many uninstructed Masons had naively thought that the letter "G" found sculpted or printed above the Masonic altars refered to God. This example of Masonic duplicity is illustrative of the general tenor of dishonesty which Masonry shares with Talmudism (see 1: 203,204) and its derivative Communism (see 2: 274). The "G" of Masonic Temples stands not for God, but for the ancient phallic deity, Ghea, the Mother Earth, as symbolic of fertility and sexuality. The primitive worship of the reproductive force was thus revived in Masonry.

This is the great "secret" of Freemasonry, "Revealed" only to the profoundly brainwashed candidates for "higher" degrees. Freemasonry is thus demonstrated as a throwback to paganism.

It is also of interest at this juncture that Ben's and my minds worked with similar discernment regarding modern paganism. Just as he discovered the phallic features of Masonry, I discerned it in another Jewish and pagan teaching particularly venerated among brainwashed-educated Americans, Freudism. In the 1960's I had begun a study, tentatively titled, Psychoanalysis: A Phallic Pseudoreligion Posing as Psychological Science. It remained partly completed, as I turned my attention to what seemed to be more important topics expressed in the books published in the 1980's.1,2,4,5,6 Showing thus the despicable essence of the Masonic Secret, Ben added another strong reason for the Jewish-Masonic-Communist revengeful rage against him.

2Readers can perceive in depriving Ben of his livelihood a parallel with the lifelong persecution and lack of earnings imposed by the Jews and their minions on Eustace Mullins (see 7).


I was enraged. What Talmudic/Masonic perfidy! A mother, whose teenage daughter Ben was treating, had lodged a complaint with the Committee on Ethics of the Pennsylvania Psychological Association. (The psychological associations of the states and nationally are dominated by Jews or the well-brainwashed liberal goyim, who tend to be provoked as much as their Jewish trainers by any signs of anti-Communism or anti-liberalism.)

The complaint was as banal as most grudges parents have against psychotherapists. It alleged that Dr. Cook had supported her daughter in rebellion against an abusive, alcoholic father; that he had not answered her telephone calls while she was trying to pressure him to change his tactics in psychotherapy and make the daughter more submissive. No other impropriety on Ben's part was asserted by the mother.

Ben had professional and personal reasons for leading the girl toward resistance to the crushing pressure of her emotionally abnormal father and a mother subservient to the bread-winning tyrant. If he had not taken the course he had, he would have betrayed the growth the girl needed to become a self-directing adult.

Personally, he identified with his patient's plight because he had been an abused child. His father was a tyrannical alcoholic and mother too intimidated to stand up to the bully and protect her only son from rages. The more Ben refused to give his crazy father the satisfaction of crying, begging for mercy and asking forgiveness for his "faults" (as he was a good child), the more violent beatings he received. He finally left the hell of his parental home when he was fifteen and took care of his needs ever since. (Again, a testimony to his basically good mental health, which is pertinent to the injustice perpetrated by his Jewish colleague, the Freudian evaluator.)

4. Jews ganging up on a Christian opponent

Psychological associations receive such trivial complaints as those against Dr. Cook by the dozen. The president of the Ethics Committee or similar body would usually call the psychologist, discuss the situation with him or her, and would later find some way of pacifying the complainant, without being insensitive to his or her annoyance. Usually the matter would end there and rarely is the complaint taken to the courts. Well, the complaint against the anti-Communist, anti-Mason, and anti-liberal, Dr. Cook was not handled that way.

On the contrary, they seized upon this insignificant complaint and made a big deal of it and used it as a channel of revenge against the man they had for years hated and maligned privately among themselves. Probably, like the Pharisees arranging for the murder of Jesus, they thought they were doing a service to the profession by eliminating an undesirable "fascist" or "right-winger." Subtly and righteously, they encouraged the mother to feel wronged and justified in her complaint and she was led to believe that her case was important. The enemies used this welcome occasion to ruin Dr. Cook.

Here, it seems to me, Ben's old psychological handicap became fatal for him. People who had been abused in childhood tend to fall into the old pattern of feeling helpless and defeated in advance, without putting up a fight that would have confounded the bully. Ben was so shocked by the turn of events and by the threatening behavior of his colleagues that he could not use his sharp mind and acted as if he did not know how to take care of his interests. Instead of challenging their exaggerated concern with the trivial complaint, he mistook them for powerful and righteous judges and surrendered himself in a penitent role. Instead of growling and baring his teeth, he retreated and lost the battle.

The treachery continued. He went from Annas to Caiaphas, to Pilate. He sank more deeply into the trap which the hateful Jews had prepared for him. In his self-defeating pattern, he thought naively of the professional obligation of a lawyer to fight for his client's cause the best way he could, and he chose a Jewish lawyer. He had forgotten what he had read in the Talmud, that a good Jew seeing a Christian in mortal danger should let him perish. This knave of a lawyer advised him to let the noose be tightened around his neck. The complaintant had asserted that Ben was not of good mental health and the psychologists and psychiatrists in that Board seized at that allegation as if it came from an expert in mental evaluation. Instead of telling Ben what was clearly appropriate to the situation, i.e., to reject all aspersions about his mental health, the Talmudist lawyer advised this perceived enemy of his race and Masonic ideology to move more deeply into the quicksand. My bamboozled friend followed the advice to go to a psychologist to prove his mental health. Ben evidently was not able to think, crushed by what he imagined to be a terrible disgrace.

5. Dr. Judas, a false witness

He spent several hours talking with the Jewish psychologist, a Freudian, as practically all of them are. Freudians, like their teacher Freud, are obsessed with any signs, and mostly alleged signs, of psychopathology. From tiny and trivial indications of the supposed mental weakness and aberration they make a long production, and confidently announce that they have discovered serious symptoms of mental abnormality or hidden psychological illness. With their psychopathological zest to discover mental illness and by exaggerated and arbitrary signs of mental weakness on their so-called projective tests, they can make anyone, even Freud, appear at least neurotic. In my book, The Hoax of Freudism: A Study of Brainwashing American Professionals and Laymen, 3:106-112 I have de scribed a number of cases of such irresponsible and flimsy diagnoses.

Ben told me that his Jewish psychologist said to him at the end of the series of sessions and psychological tests that he had found no serious indications of psychopathology in the interviews and tests. Ben was relieved and hopeful, but the Jew evidently changed his mind after talking with some of his Jewish friends1 and recommended in his report that Dr. Cook be dismissed from the rosters of independent practitioners of psychology because he had discovered some serious cracks and abnormalities in his psyche!

6. Psychology in the service ofthe Talmudists

Ben sent me a copy of this "evaluation" with other documents when he asked me to provide a new report on his present mental status to be used in invalidating his suspension, if necessary in the court. I read it and felt disgusted with the low point to which the American profession of psychology had sunk under the recognizable or hidden leadership of the Jews. Here was the "science of psychology" used as a weapon of Leftist and Jewish revenge against a man who had refused to be brainwashed in the Leftist-liberal preconceptions. This biased interpretation of standard Freudian clues to "abnormality" were as reliable as would be reports on the intellectual ability of a student by an incompetent teacher; the exaggerated weaknesses in educational achievement could then be used to prevent his further progress to college levels of study, like Ben's psychological practice was interrupted for non-existent psychological disability. My reaction to this libelous and evil report is expressed in the evaluation I provided to Ben's lawyer, which will be given in full in the Appendix of Patriots, Victims of the ZOG.

I felt furious at the injustice dealt to him. I realized that he was crushed

1A friend of mine, a highly qualified Professor in Physics, who had published two well-recognized textbooks that were used in graduate courses in universities, told me of his experiences with the Jewish controls and tricks. The Jewish pattern of revenge is evidently well-established. He would apply for a teaching position at a university or scientific institute. The deans and presidents would show enthusiasm about his application for a position in their school and would confidently promise to get him on the teaching staff.

When he inquired after a week or two, the situation was completely reversed. They showed coldness and evasiveness which were not there at the first contact. Now they told him of the problems they had with the budgets or how some staff member changed his mind about leaving, etc. My friend knew what had happened: the Jews in control of that profession disclosed that my friend was on the Jewish list of undesirables. He had refused in the past to comply with the Jewish leaders secretly ruling the universities at which he taught and they had placed him on their black list.

by it even more than he was able to speak or write about it. He did not complain about his poverty indirectly, but I learned of it from hints here and there as I was trying to advise him on handling his situation in a better way and leading himself out of the predicament in which he was suffering. For seven years after the suspension of his license, he had eked out a living by tutoring high school students in mathematics and other subjects. He had become a prisoner of what he felt was his disgrace and fearful of considering other solutions for practicing psychology in other ways open to him as a highly trained person. I pointed out to him that he could work in schools or institutions in his state without the need of being licensed; the license pertained only to independent practice. The suspension did not mean disqualification from psychological work in general; he had misinterpreted it and made it into an insuperable handicap for himself. Although he was borrowing on his home in order to supplement the earnings from tuition, he never applied to any other agency or institution for jobs for which he was qualified. He imagined that they would refuse to take him. They might have done that, but then he could have protested the discrimination at the bias shown against him.

He did not even try to go to other states where suspension from the practice in Pennsylvania would be irrelevant. He brightened up when I mentioned to him that he could enlist as a psychologist and be a captain in the military services and be in humanly useful employment. He could serve in those places also as a civilian under the Civil Service Commission, as I did for ten years. He would have probably done that if he had not died within a few months.

The reinstatement as a psychologist in Pennsylvania was his main interest all through his illness. A lawyer from his church agreed to bring his case before the Psychological Commission or Board and to carry it into the court if necessary. My psychological evaluation was to be used as one of the bases of appeal on Ben's behalf. But first the story of infamy of the Jewish defamation and knavery toward Dr. Ben Cook.

7. The Talmudists do in their helpless victim

His former traitorous lawyer, instead of devising ways of combating the bad situation, pushed him further into trouble. Instead of guiding him to fight the defamation of that psychological "report," the Talmudist knave advised him to accept it as professionally valid and admit that he should be disqualified from functioning as a psychologist. As the lawyers betrayed Rudy Stanko,10 in fear of arousing the Jewish revenge against them, Ben's lawyer advised him not to make waves and voluntarily accept the suspension in exchange for the alleged lenience of the Psychologist Board who would then "drop the case." The "case" was non-valid and practically non-existent. Had Ben not been demoralized by the hounding of the Jewish and Judaized professional community, he would have real ized that they had nothing on him, that his behavior was in no way a breach of professional ethics, and that they had no ground for taking his license away from him. Unfortunately he was paralyzed by seeing himself as a helpless victim in the hands of his mighty Jewish persecutors.

I do not blame him for acting helpless even if that scoundrel of a lawyer had not misguided him. He told me that the State Attorney General—or Deputy, whatever the representative of the State who was growling at him might have been—was pushing to make Ben's alleged incompetence a big scandal in the court. Ben knew this man to be another Jew and Communist and was aware that the Jewish power was mobilized behind him to crush this "anti-Semite" and "Fascist." He felt trapped and abandoned himself to the guidance of his traitorous lawyer.

Ben did not know then that he was in the same psychological position as American POW's in the hands of Korean/Chinese Communist brain-washers. These tricksters pretended to be friends and concerned with the welfare of the baffled and buffaloed American while guiding him toward betraying his country and testifying that Americans had used biological weapons in the Korean War (see 3: 427-449).

In the Appendix I of Patriots, Victims of the ZOG, readers can see for themselves that Ben was no more mentally sick or unbalanced than any other psychologist or even an average human being. If, at the point at which I evaluated him and after seven years of stress, anxiety, depression and suffering, he was psychologically within the average range, then at the time of that first evaluation by Dr. Judas he must have been in an even better mental shape. If this is a sound conclusion—and I honestly think that it is— then his whole suspension from independent practice was a sham. He was, evidently, railroaded by people who hated him and used false pretenses to bar him from private practice and ruin him by depriving him of his livelihood. The annals of the societies living under Communist dictatorship abound in such cases of arbitrary and maliciously motivated interruptions of professional life, ruinous sentences and both family and individual tragedies.

The other points of my evaluation—the deterioration in the character and personality of modern, secularist psychologists; the corruption of the profession by the atheistic, Freudian Jews and the goyim that they had brainwashed in graduate schools and the arbitrariness of psychological procedures—readers can consider reviewing my two reports in the above mentioned Appendix I.1

1The texts of my reports on Dr. Cook are given there in full also to enable professionals and lay people with common sense to judge for themselves how groundless was the suspension from psychological practice, that fatal blow the revengeful, ugly Jews dealt him.

The Talmudic scenario around Ben was complete. Those psychologists who were Christians of sorts or even if they were Christian believers, were so overtrained in the FOJS (Fear of the Jews Syndrome) that they would not have dared to stand in defense of a Christian psychologist whom the Jews and Judaized wimps had branded with some terrible designations, like being an "anti-Semite." (In fairness to the cowardly Americans avoiding trouble with the powerful and ferocious Jews, I should point out that the Germans under Nazi tyrants or other people under the Communist brutes, would have shown no more civic courage than Americans cowering before the Jewish might.)

Knowing the situation unconsciously, if not consciously, Ben let himself be led to his ruin without protest, not unlike the victims of a raging mob who do not dare to show opposition to being lynched.

I empathized fully with Ben and his plight, not only because he was my Christian brother-believer and co-warrior against the Jewish domination over America and Americans, but also because I had been in his position of loneliness in the 1970's. In my spiritual autobiography, A Psychologist's Ventures in Faith,4 I had described my being a lonely hawk, in favor of a more decisive push against the Communists in Vietnam, while all the brainwashed crowd of other professionals wished for a Communist victory in that war.

8. My evaluation of Dr. Cook's psychological status

I am referring to the reports mentioned above. I sent them to the lawyer and a psychiatrist, Ben's friend, who was willing to participate as an expert witness to deny the validity of the evaluation on which the suspension was originally based. In short, there was nothing psychologically wrong with Ben and there was much that was right. Those two letters contain much justified criticism of the profession of clinical psychology as practiced at present. It should more correctly be called Judeo-psy-chology.

9. Death takes Dr. Ben Cook out of Judeo-America

Not long after I became acquainted with him, Ben told me that he probably had to go for surgery on his tongue. He had a lesion two or three months earlier and a small piece of his tongue was excised. There was now the threat of a bigger surgery cut and he was depressed over it. His doctor suspected that a malignant tumor had developed.

Ben called me two days after surgery. It was difficult to understand him on the phone as they had cut off not only a portion of his tongue lengthwise, but also the surrounding tissues in the neck in the hope of extirpating the cancer. I was evidently the only person he cared to talk with at that time. I tried to be as much comfort for him as I could; I felt for him as for my closest. Here was a decent human being struck by a dread disease. He had suffered much in his life, beginning with the hell in his home. I knew that the specter of death was hovering over his mind and I hesitated only a little to ask him if he was afraid of dying. He denied that he was, but I continued saying that it would be only human if he were afraid, but that both of us had the faith that our lives were in God's hands and that He may remove us or keep us in this world according to his Providence. I reminded him that he had read my Ventures in Faith and that I had been close to death many times even though I was not always aware of it. He admitted that he was ready to die if such were God's will. I checked with him if he kept close to God in praying and reading the New Testament. He said he was. In the main he was still hopeful. He liked my psychological report on him and thanked God that he had met me at this point in his life.

He was impatient with his lawyer for not working faster on his case. He wanted to get back into psychological practice, move out of his precarious existence and be free and active again. He did not mention regaining his self-respect which his enemies had taken away from him, but I recognized the unspoken yearning for a brightness of outlook and a comfortable emotional state. He had evidently regained the hope and the dread of death had receded. I assured him that I would testify in court on his behalf, if the Pennsylvania Psychological Board refused to reinstate him in preliminary negotiations. He was glad that we might have an opportunity to get acquainted in person and I continued in my anticipated pleasure of spending some time together.

Three months later another blow struck. Lymph nodes under his armpits and other places were removed in order to try to stop the spread of cancer. He was weak from surgery and despondent. I tried to help him lift his spirits and he was grateful for whatever goodwill and love I was showing. He was even able to tell me a joke about the Jewish rite of circumcision. In his younger and wilder days he had gone to the public lectures in the Jewish centers and synagogues and argued the embarrassing points of the Talmud with rabbis, as ordinary Jews were ignorant about the sick elements of their faith.

A month later he sounded weaker on the phone. He had lost his appetite and could not eat the cheap food he was able to afford. I offered to send him some money, but he declined. He said he could manage on what he had and hinted that someone else was helping him. He had some stomach trouble and thought that may be because the cancer was spreading. He had refused radiation treatment and chemotherapy and he knew that these rarely cured anyone and usually increased the discomfort of the patient.

In order to lighten the disadvantage of my being unavailable to talk with Ben, I had written to Fr. George Pierce telling him about Ben and recommending Ben for his help if he asked for it. I did not want to push anyone on Ben, a proud and sensitive man.

Yielding to my pressure, Ben said that he would get himself to some nursing home or hospital. His last words to me were, "I'll miss you and our talks, Ray." "Christ be with you, Ben, and bless you," I said.

When I put the receiver down, I was crying. I felt guilty for not being available to Ben, the life-long sufferer, now in his severest trials. I was not sure that I would ever talk to him again. I was going to a beautiful country of glaciers, deep valleys and emerald meadows and lakes and he was struggling with his hard destiny. I prayed that Christ's presence would help him overcome despair.

The Jews, who had pushed him into his plight, were to be blamed for his death to a large extent. Some psychologists have investigated the stresses in the lives of cancer patients and felt confident that stress is, if not the cause, then a facilitating factor in a great many cases. It appears that the stress brings a dysfunction of the regular body defenses and the cancer starts in many various parts of the organism. This appears logical. If in some experiments on the effects of stress on rats, a trivial annoyance like an irregularly intermittent puff of air can cause an ulcer, how much worse can the stress be in emotionally more highly responsive human beings?

I had sent him some books on how a few people had overcome their cancers with prayer and special diets, but he evidently could not move in that direction. He had heard of a Polish doctor practicing in Texas who was curing many people with certain injections. He wrote there, and found that the treatment would cost several thousand dollars and he could not afford it.

He went to a center in Illinois, stayed there three weeks and returned feeling somewhat better.

I was extremely busy at that time with completing the work on the two volumes of The F.O.J. Syndrome in America and planning the promotion. The printers were about six weeks late in completing their work and my schedule was badly in disarray. Already in the beginning of the year we had arranged to leave at the end of July for a vacation in Switzerland. Ben knew about that.

In spite of the heavy pressure on me, I frequently wondered how my friend Ben was doing and where he was. Three days before our departure he called. He sounded weak, his voice was hoarse, the disease was getting the upper hand. He was still alone in his home trying to take care of himself the best way he could. I realized that he was in a desperate situation. I told him that he would have to be in a place where someone would take care of him. He was too sick to be on his own. As he seemed reluctant to get anyone involved, I asked him if he would want me to call my friend, Rev. George Pierce, an Episcopalian priest, who was now serving

10. The Talmud approves of Jewish brutality

The Jews, in their anxiousness to secure their power in America and their excessively aggressive (neurotic) reacting toward those who rebel against Jewish dominance, had put Ben into the psychological equivalent of several years living in a dungeon. He was prone to despair because of his tragic childhood and his persecutors added to Ben's feeling of defeat that finally broke down his capacity to resist cancer. The Jews thus ruined him.

I remembered the sophistries of the Talmud about how the Jew can kill an Akum (Christian) and yet not be held responsible for that death. (See facsimile pages of the Talmud in Elisabeth Dilling's The Plot Against Christiantiy.2:79-181). If a Jew bound the Christian and let a stream of water drown him, he would be held responsible for the murder; but if he left the Akum bound a bit further from the dam and then opened the sluice, it would be—according to the hateful Talmudic mind—the water, and not the Jew, who killed the Gentile. Again, if the Jew left a man locked in an alabaster chamber (air-tight) and lit the candle which would consume the air and suffocate the man, the Jew would be responsible for this death; but if he casually left the candle there and the natural consequences resulted in the death, he would not be considered guilty. Or, if a Jew threw a Gentile into a deep pit, and removed the ladder soon thereafter, he would not be responsible for the death of that man because he could have climbed out of that pit immediately; as he did not, he was guilty of his own death, and the Jew who threw him there would go scot-free!

Those Jewish psychologists and psychiatrists who threw Ben into the pit of despair and imagined disgrace where he died seven years later, possibly did not know of those subtleties of their "Holy" Talmud, but they acted according to the merciless instincts of their criminal race (see 1: 205-215).

11. The Jews remained consistently hateful

From Chamonix, at the foot of the majestic snow-capped Mont Blanc, the highest peak in Europe, I sent Ben a postcard to show him I had not forgotten him. Just before we left the States, I sent him the two hardbound volumes of The Fear of the Jews in America, as soon as I received the advance copies and wrote a warm inscription to Ben. These were tiny tokens of my love and empathy for Ben, the lonely warrior against the conquistadores of his beloved country.

When we returned in the first part of October, I found a letter from Ben's lawyer, written sometime in August, asking me to provide some statements additional to my evaluation, as the Psychological Board had refused to reinstate Ben on the basis of the lawyer's depositions and he was getting ready to take the matter to court. I called the lawyer, more to hear how Ben was doing than to clarify what he wanted of me. "It's too late," he said, "Ben died in a Chicago hospital three weeks ago."

I was in turmoil. Not only was I troubled hearing of Ben's death, which I was half-anticipating, but even more I felt disgusted with the hardness of heart of his Jewish enemies. Even while he was dying, they refused to give him the comfort of reinstatement. What callousness! "The Synagogue of Satan," Ben used to say.

My thoughts turned to the stupid, endangered Americans. They were refusing to get wakened up from their stupor and as a punishment they may be delivered into the hands of the fierce, merciless Khazars. Their plight will be worse than that of the enslaved Arabs in Palestine under the present Mongol slave drivers, and about as bad as the sufferings of the millions of Russians, Chinese, Poles, Vietnamese and other victims of Jewish-sponsored Communism.

I looked through Ben's studies again and I felt determined to get them published through other publishers or on my own. Here were two products of a powerful mind dwelling on the ugliness of the secret perverters of his religion and his Christian culture and the enslavers of the bamboozled American people. I envisioned that this book would be an introduction to Ben's studies of Judeo-Masonry and its Pharisee leaders whom Christ himself called the Children of the Devil. Such an edition of his works would be a fitting tombstone for a Christian warrior fallen in the battle against the infidels, no matter where his earthy remains might have been laid. He had contributed all he could to the struggle against the enslavers of America and the ex-Christian world. Without publishing his studies, his memory would be in the long run obliterated by the Pharisees, just as they destroyed the memory of another anti-Talmudist fighter, Gerald K. Smith (see 13, Appendix I)

12. My last letter to Ben

Torbel, Southern Switzerland, 8/4/88

My dear Ben:

We arrived in Wallis Canton two days ago. We travelled with a leisurely pace from Paris. The highlights were the Gothic cathedrals in Rheims, Metz and Strassburg. What gems cut in golden or reddish sandstone! Those people cared for Heaven more than our "scientific," Judaized generation ever could.

I've been wondering how things are with you and I pray for you. You sounded weaker than usual when I spoke with you last time on the phone. I was genuinely sorry that our travel plans coincided with your hard situation. I was so moved that I even forgot to mention that several weeks ago I called Father George Pierce to mention that you might get in touch with him. He wasn't at home, but his wife asked if Father George should go to see you. Not wanting to push him on you in this delicate situation I told her to wait for a call from you.

I do not know what you finally did regarding getting some help in your sickness, through social services if need be, as your funds are evidently exhausted. Do not make your situation even less bearable for you by considerations of pride. One of your friends or your minister or Father George could arrange that for you.

Last night, as I thought of you and felt sad because of your sickness, an idea came to me that I hope may gladden you. It occurred to me that you may like to have your published works reissued. Write me an authorization to that effect if you agree. Also send me any other manuscripts that you have completed as well as a vita so that I may not have to guess in my preface. If you are able to write a message that would precede the text, write it out if you are not capable of typing.

I do not have funds as I dipped into our old-age savings to publish The FOJS, but if it is God's will, some way will open up for that project. If you have any number of copies of your edition, you may get someone to send them to me. We are now selling other patriotic books and could include yours in List Four. (I hope you have received FOJS copies I sent you two weeks ago and brochures with them. If it is God's will that you would be translated into His Kingdom, maybe you can bequeath from your estate to publish your works, etc.

The most important thing at this moment is, of course, that you maintain a strong faith in these times of trouble and stress. The Devil will tempt you with fear, doubt and "rational" considerations. Keep in mind that God's thoughts are not man's thoughts, that Christ's Resurrection confirmed the existence beyond death and that Christ has died for us so we have the assurance of life with Him. You will not know until the last moment if God intends to take you to Himself or is letting all this happen to you in order to build the merits of your faith. If a miracle happens, God be praised; if not, let your body die with your spirit anchored in Christ. If you are able (physically or psychologically) to write, I'd be glad to hear from you. Until the twentieth our address is We anticipate returning October 11th.

Be sure to keep a healthy faith in spite of troubles. Your life's meaning is confirmed in your bearing patiently with your troubles as you've done from childhood. If you go before me, maybe we'll meet in God's world. I do not have too many years left to tarry in this world, and maybe death is around the corner waiting for me. Your brother in Christ,

Introduction 23

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