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The Knights of Columbus and the Shriners here, frequently thought of as rivals, are joining hands officially to aid children's charities.

Representatives of the Knights and of Syria Temple's Shriners, a Masonic Order, this week filed an application in Common Pleas Court for a single nonprofit corporation charter under which fund-raising events for child charities can be staged.

Name of the proposed corporation is the Nobles and Knights Charities, Inc.

The unique arrangement, bringing together members of two prominent fraternal organizations, has ecumenical as well as charitable meaning.

The Knights' particular project involved is the Bishop Wright Project, a year-around fund-raising effort for St. Anthony School in Oakmont and other charities.

Bishop Wright, in praising the new combination, said:

There must be a hundred corny jokes about the real and alleged differences

Join Forces1

between the Knights of Columbus and Freemasons.

1 "Some of the jokes are funny, but most of them are tired. Not all of them combined, however, do as much to relax and refresh the human spirit as does the truly joyful news that Pittsburgh area Nobles and Knights are making com-mon cause to demonstrate their shared conviction that of all virtues, the greatest is charity, and that among all the objects of the charity of decent men, first place is held by chil-dren."This is no joke, and no joke could bring more laughter to more hearts," he continued. "This is good news for the many children traditionally helped by the Shriners. It is good news for the exceptional children to whom the Knights have been so good under their project bearing my

'The Pittsburgh Catholic, Vol. 116, No. 28, September 17,1964, pp. 1,10.


"It is good ecumenical news of the first importance for Greater Pittsburgh. It gives a thrilling example for charitable action in the entire American community and wherever upright men rise above their honest differences to do good deeds about which no difference of opinion is possible."

Committees who worked out the agreement included, for the K of C,

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