The Supreme Deity of Masonry is symbolized by the union of the genital organs of man and woman

A. The Supreme Deity is represented by a point in a circle:

"In the East of the Lodge, over the Master, enclosed in a triangle, is the Hebrew letter YOD1 ... YOD is, in the Kabalah, the symbol of Unity, of the Supreme Deity ... It must suffice to say that it is the Creative Energy of the Deity1, is represented as a point, and that point in the center of the Circle of immensity .. .."2

B. The point in a circle represents the union of the genital organs of the two sexes:

"These two Divinities, the Active and Passive Principles of the Universe, were commonly symbolized by the generative parts of man and woman; to which in remote ages no idea of indecency was attached; the Phallus3 and the Cteis,4 emblems of generation and production, and which, as such, appeared in the Mysteries. The Indian Lingam was a union of both, as were the boat and the mast, and the point within a circle."5

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