How can any Christian bind himself under such a penalty when his body is the holy temple of the Holy Ghost

"What? Know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?5

"And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols? For ye are the temple

1Exodus 20:7.

2Leviticus 5:4, 5.

3St. James 5:12, Vid etiam St. Matthew.

4King Solomon & His Followers (New York: Allen Publishing Co., 1953), p. 135.

5I Corinthians 6:19.

of the living God; as God hath said, I will dwell in them, and walk in them; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people."1

Are these penalties ever exacted? That these penalties are exacted (or, at least, have been exacted in the past) may be demonstrated by listing some of the best authenticated accounts of Masonic assassinations that have come to public knowledge—instances of the same which may be verified by careful historical study; these include the following:

"Samuel Pritchard, an irreproachable citizen of London, England, was murdered in 1730 for exposing Masonry; Noah Smith of Manchester, Vermont, in 1798; Ariel Murdock, of Renssalaer, New York, in 1803; William Michner of Jenkintown, Pa., in 1809; Loring Simons, of Albany, N.Y. in 1809; William Miller, at Belfast, Ireland, in 1813; an unknown man in Bristol, Pa., in 1820; Oliver Gavit, of Ohio in 1824; Alexander, the Czar of Russia, December 1st, 1825 (his death was attributed to Masonic 'vengeance' for [Alexander's] having issued a ukase in 1822, closing all Masonic lodges); William Morgan, at Fort Niagra, N.Y. in 1826; Job Hunt, of Boston, Mass., Nov. 15,1827; Artemus Kennedy, a seceded Knight Templar, Feb. 27, 1830; the Grand Duke of Tuscany in 1837, after taking measures to suppress the Masons2; David Brounlee, Little York, Ill., in 1840; the carpenter Fogie in Canada in 1854; a stranger by the name of Brock in Howard City, Mich., in 1881.3

A ninety-five page documentation of the Morgan Affair is available which conclusively proves that Captain William Morgan was abducted and murdered by Freemasons for no other offence than that of having revealed the "secret arts, parts, and points" of Freemasonry (The contents of the Publishers' Preface is shown below and the Title Page has been photographically reproduced on page 49; this document is available for 50c [now $5.00], and may be purchased by anyone from Omni Publications.)

Publishers' Preface "Cynosure Edition"

The republication of the "Old Morgan Book," Illustrations of Masonry, has awakened such an intense interest in the history of its author, that a carefully prepared narrative of the kidnaping and murder of Capt. William Morgan, for revealing the secrets of Freemasonry, seems urgently called for.

Such a narrative—prepared by seven committees of influential, honest citizens of the State of New York, fully substantiated by legal evidence, we now present to the reader.

In re-arranging the book, so as to put the matter formerly in the Appendix into the body of the book, it has been found necessary to occasionally change the

1II Corinthians 6:16.

2[These Masons were vile Illuminati, nihilists and revolutionaries.] 3"Freemasonry:

The First Three Degrees...Blue Lodge Oaths, Illinois Work" (Chicago: National Christian Association, n.d.), pp. 12-13.

wording a little, without in the least altering the sense; otherwise the present edition is a copy of the original.

The overwhelming evidence found in this book, that Freemasons throughout the United States and Canada were either engaged in or accessory to those horrible crimes, and the further evidence, given by Freemasons themselves, under oath, that they felt compelled to commit these crimes in defense of the institution of Freemasonry, must make this book an exceedingly valuable document.



William Morgan arul In burn or Jeilrny tke prtnline-offlce of fhe lalffT /or the puryixe of prfvenltne the printing mtd


under the direction of the irveral 'ommitteet appointed at meetingM of th* 'ifurtu f^ the COumiCtt


umS aihrr dorv'T» nta '<» •-•btlfcntlit» '. ttitfrnmu M*dt »r>4 dttfk«

in« parti'ulftrs of tht tran«*clMna.

Crimed by & r MIIXKH unlrr the Dlr*< Hon of th* Cowmltt»^ III?


EZRA A. COOK, Publisher

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