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The Roman Catholic Church has always been the great foe of Freemasonry. In a speech made by the late Monseigneur Jouin, founder of the "Revue International des Societes Secretes," entitled "Papacy and Freemasonry," on December 8, 1930, it is noted that:

"Papacy and Freemasonry, those are the two powers active throughout the world and each is seeking to dominate it. The solution of the struggle taking place between them is, at the present moment of the utmost importance; for we are face to face not only with the crossroads of history but also with a radical transformation of humanity itself. Either Roman Catholicism will lift us up again to the level of Christian Civilization or else Judeo-Masonry will drag us down the path of Barbarism and Decadent Paganism. The whole world oscillates between the two: Christianism and Paganism. On December 8th, 1892, Pope Leo XIII wrote to the Italian Episcopal Hierarchy:

'It is necessary to fight Freemasonry with those weapons of divine faith which in past ages vanquished paganism.'

"Moreover the Papacy and Judeo-Masonry are both so fully conscious of the diametrically opposed parts that they are playing that they assume that from it must

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issue the political, economic, intellectual and religious future of individuals as well as nations. It is a fact and the better proof of it is their irreducible antagonism toward each other.

"What is, indeed, Judeo-Masonry today if not the concentration and mobilization of all evil forces? This Sect with its threefold claim of being Counter-Church (against the Church), Counter-State (against the State), and Counter-Morality (against traditional morality) takes pride in being above all and for all times the enemy of the Catholic Church; one of its rallying calls is that of Tigrotto, one of the Alta Vendita chiefs, who, in 1822, proclaimed:

'Catholicism must be destroyed throughout the whole world' "With Tigrotto also the anti-Catholic plan is expressed thus:

'Let us conspire only against Rome' "Is this not expressed in an identical manner in the German 'Los Von Rom' or in the English: 'No Popery?'

"Monseigneur Gay, having been assigned by the Council of the Vatican the duty of writing 'A Memorandum on Secret Societies,' gave the following striking definition of Freemasonry.

'It is evident that in a general way, this doctrine of Freemasonry is not only a heresy, nor even the totality of all heresies, which find in it a haven; it is a fact that Masonry goes beyond the limits of what constitutes what is generally ascribed to the word 'heresy,' for it allows full play to the commission of outrageous perversion. Freemasonry is indeed the abyss of all errors, the well of perdition.'

"This abyss of all errors (Abyssus Errorum) is justly compared to the 'abysmal well' mentioned in Revelation (abysuss putei, ix, 1-3), whose emanations darken the light of the sun and poison the air. It is this accursed Sect whose perversion was stigmatized by Pope Pius IX when he named it: 'The Synagogue of Satan.' Due to its enormous extension and its nowadays very visible collusion with International Jewish Finance, Freemasonry has indeed become the 'Synagogue of Satan.' As such it provided funds for the Russian Revolution, installed in Moscow;1 it carried Communism from East to West, took up the leadership of States of their governments, their various administration departments or ministries, and of their parliaments and, in consequence, it is such a world power that, for any discerning mind, it seems as though, today there are on earth only two great powers, viz: Judeo-Masonry in the service of the World Jewry and the Church in the hands of Peter's Successor. Those two powers are at war, face to face as though fighting an endless duel, as is clearly expressed in the stone inscription of the Masonic Grand Orient and Supreme Council of France:

'The fight taking place between Catholicism and Freemasonry is a fight to the very death, ceaseless and merciless.' (Bulletin of the Grand Orient of France p. 183,1892 and in memorandum of the Supreme Council No. 85, page 48). "With such a rallying definite line of action, one can positively affirm that

1vid. Department of State Decimal File 1910-1929, File 861, 00/5399, of the General Services Administration, The National Archives and Records Service, Washington, D.C.; vid. etiam Elizabeth Dilling, The Plot Against Christianity (Lincoln, Nebraska: Elizabeth Dilling Foundation, 1964).

Judeo-Masonry is the Unique Enemy of the Church. It can be detected in all anti-Catholic attacks against clergy or laity led either by Freemasons or even by Catholics whose faith has decreased due to either fear, passion, or self-interest.

"In his encyclical 'Humanism Genus' Pope Leo XIII wrote:

There exists in the world a certain number of sects which although seemingly different one from another as to name, ritual, form, and origin are, however, similar due to the analogy of their aim and chief principles. Indeed, they are identical to Freemasonry which is, for them all, the central point from which they proceed and toward which they converge.'

"Further, in his letter to the Italian people dated December 8, 1892, Pope Leo XIII writes:

'Let us remember that Christianism and Freemasonry are essentially incompatible, to such an extent, that to become united with one means being divorced from the other. Let us, therefore, expose Freemasonry as the enemy of God, of the Church, and of our Motherland.'

"At the present moment (1930) it is a fact that St. Augustine's two cities, the City of Good and the City of Evil are separate, each seeking to rule the world. The City of Evil ruled by Satan is named Judeo-Masonry; insistently it proclaims to all, Catholics, Protestants, Orthodox, to Freethinkers, Communists, and Pagans, in fact to the whole world that:

'To fight against Papacy is a social necessity and constitutes the constant duty of Freemasonry.' (Masonic International Congress held in Brussels 1904, page 132 of the Report.)

"The City of Good and of Jesus Christ is the Catholic Church; for over nineteen centuries, according to the teaching of the Roman Pontiff. She repeats to the world Her immutable creed:

'I believe in the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.'

"Such is the subject of my conference. From an overall viewpoint, there should issue a solid appreciation of the work of a number of Popes done on the subject of the Sect of Freemasonry from the time it made its appearance in the eighthteenth century. It showed its anti-religious and anti-social activities as well as its licentiousness and its aims which, from the very beginning, were susceptible of excommunication. It showed also its prodigious development leading to the situation which I already sketched, namely, the duality of forces: one, the forces of Evil concentrating in Judeo-Masonry, and the other, the forces of Good, concentrated in one flock under the staff of the one shepherd (representative of Jesus Christ) who, since 1738 has constantly renewed the appeal for the defense of the Church against her mortal enemy—even though in many instances the appeal was useless. Surrounded by Ghettos and Masonic Lodges, in the course of a fight which has become universal, Popes have reiterated their appeal for defense and have clearly shown the place and the duty of Catholics—all too frequently the place has been left deserted and the duty has been betrayed in a shameful manner.. 1,1

The scholarly Monseigneur Jouin, world authority on Jewish history

*Monseigneur Jouin, "Papacy and Freemasonry" (Omni Publications, P.O. Box 900566, Palmdale, CA, 1955), pp. 1-5.

and objectives, who knew the necessity for exposing those facts dealing with the Judeo-Masonic Peril to Christianity, desiring to demonstrate the unity of the Papacy in its opposition to Freemasonry, near the end of his speech, (referred to above) says in summary:

"Therefore, our conclusion is contained in just two words: unity of purpose and viewpoint and unity of action shown by the Sovereign Pontiffs in regard to Freemasonry. Fifteen years after the publication of the Constitution of Anderson in 1723, there appeared the constitution 'In Eminenti' of Pope Clement XII, April 28, 1738. Is there in the history of the Church a heresy which met with such a swift condemnation? Another fact equally remarkable is that all the Popes based their ulterior condemnations on this Pontifical act of Clement XII, showing clearly that there was but one Voice, but one cry of disapproval when it came to pronounce the anathema against Secret Societies and striking their members with the most rigorous censure which the Church can apply.

"Even though incomplete, here follows a list of documents as proof of the above:

Clement XII


In Eminenti

April 28, 1738

Benedict XIV



March 16,1751

Clement XIII


A. Quodie

Sept. 14,1758

" "

" "

Ut Primum

Sept. 3, 1759




Nov. 25, 1766

Pius VI



Dec. 25, 1775

Pius VII


Ecclesiam a Jesu Christo

Sept. 14, 1820



Quo Graviora

March 13, 1826



Qui Pluribus

Nov. 9, 1846

" "

Omnibus Zuantisque

April 20,1849

" "

Multiplices Inter

Sept. 25,1865



Humanum Genus

April 20, 1884

" "

" "

Letter to Italian Episcopate

Dec. 8,1892


Letter to Italian People

Dec. 8, 1892

Pius X



Feb. 11, 1906


Letter to France

Jan. 6, 1907

"Add to this, the condemnation of the Y.M.C.A. by the Holy Office, November 5, 1920, and also the decree through which I was made a Prelate, signed by Pope Benedict XV, followed by the Letter of Cardinal Gasperi, praising my book: Guerre Maconnique (Masonic War). Then again remember the Encyclical of His Holiness Pius XI against irreligious teaching in schools and his encouragement to me to continue my anti-Judeo-Masonic fight, and you will thus have before you a chain whose links are inseparably united.

"It is this unity of viewpoints which demonstrates that the Papacy has but one voice and is the judiciary power of those Societies which actually form the whole of Judeo-Masonry."1

One might ask, perhaps, why this speech was re-printed in 1955, after, twenty-five years had elapsed from the time that it was given. The answer to this question is probably to be found in the Foreward to the pamphlet itself, wherein it is pointed out that:

"The reprinted speech of Msgr. Jouin takes on new meaning in the view of the current rush of Priests and Religious who are eager to accept Judeo-Masonic 'Brotherhood' Awards, Grants, and Political Favors. No longer can the alerted laity remain silent to the Heresy of Interfaith (including Judeo-Christianity) that is being perpetrated in defiance of the oft-repeated infallible Encyclicals of Our Great Popes."2

In the light of this charge, viz, that the Heresy of Interfaith is running rampant in Roman Catholicism (as in Protestantism—and elsewhere), it is indeed, interesting to note that on the 17th day of September, 1964 an application for a charter was filed in the office of the Prothonotary of Allegheny County, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, resulting in the creation of Nobles and Knights Charities, Inc., a joint charity project operated by the Ancient Arabic Order Nobles of the Mystic Shrine (Syria Temple) and the (Roman Catholic) Knights of Columbus (vid, the photographic reproductions on the next two pages of the newspaper accounts relating thereto, Application for Charter, and the letter to the author of this treatise from the Imperial Recorder of the Imperial Council of the A.A.O.N.M.S. regarding this matter). Just where is the Ecumenical Movement headed? I shall allow the reader to answer this question himself! (And in doing so the reader might want to study another document, one which we cannot print here, viz., an "alleged" K. of C. "Oath"— printed over fifty years ago in The Congressional Record.3

Catholics, Masons Merge Efforts

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