The Media and Hollywood Wars Against Christianity

IN THE DOCUMENTED BIAS AGAINST Christians and Christianity in our modern culture, Hollywood and Big Media play very major roles. Political correctness tells us that it is unthinkable to ridicule (almost any) group, but both of these major cultural power centers routinely disparage Christians and present them in a negative light. This antiChristian bias manifests itself in unflattering portrayals of Christians in Hollywood films and entertainment television and also in the demonization of Christian conservatives in the media. Sometimes the Catholic Church is singled out for special ridicule, and the news media often bury stories concerning violence against Christians throughout the world. The media seem eager to portray Christians as unreasonable and violent, and to accentuate those exceptional cases in which they cross the line, such as when fanatics commit violent acts against abortionists, abortion clinics, or homosexuals. These extremists are depicted as prototypical Christians, while simultaneously, Hollywood and the media downplay the injustices and violent acts committed against Christians. In keeping with the requirements of political correctness, the media also cover up anti-Christian violence committed by militant Muslims.

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