That Evil Bible

Many local school districts become rather nervous when students try to give Bibles away on school grounds. There have been several cases of school districts prohibiting students from distributing Bibles to fellow students, even if they did so when classes were not in session. The "Truth for Youth Bible," a New Testament translation geared toward teens, was the focus of one such case in Davenport, Iowa, and other cases in Missouri. In the "Show Me" state, one principal chastised students for attempting to distribute Bibles. And another principal confiscated some one thousand of the Bibles, which the students had purchased with money they had raised. At yet another school, the principal, school administrators, and police confronted students gathered around the flagpole before the school day had begun and threatened to arrest them if they didn't quit handing out Bibles.

Such actions bring to mind Communist China rather than the states of "fly-over" America. These repressive measures are even more absurd when one remembers that Congress once funded a project to provide Indians with a Christian education and in 1780 made an effort to print an American Bible.

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