Seeking to Repress the Opposition

The example of Corpus Christi brings into focus the virulent bigotry, hostility, and hypocrisy of the anti-Christian forces in modern life. The homosexual lobby, for example, while demonstrating no sensitivity toward Christians, in stark contrast demands that its own tenets and lifestyle be treated as sacrosanct by society. At a 1998 conference sponsored by the Claremont Institute and the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality, experts considered the question of whether there is a genetic basis for homosexuality. The Los Angeles City Council passed a resolution condemning the meeting-just because the moral and medical arguments surrounding homosexuality were being considered. The council condemned the exercise as "defamation and demonization." In addition, the hotel where the meeting was scheduled to take place received harassing calls and death threats for the organizers of the conference. The hotel cancelled, and the group had to find another location.

The threats continued at the new hotel. A group of protestors pounded on cars entering the hotel garage parking facility, and three activists stood outside the meeting room screaming that the conferees were "murderers of gays," that they were responsible for Matthew Shepard's death, and they were as bad as the Ku Klux Klan. One writer commented on the striking difference between this kind of virulent reaction to criticism by the militant homosexual lobby and that of Christians in defending themselves against attack. Columnist Hadley Arkes wrote, "In truth, the campaigns of aggression and calumny are launched persistently from the other side. But when Catholics gather civilly across the street from Terrence McNally's Corpus Christi in New York-when they say the rosary and carry signs protesting against blasphemy-they are labeled as aggressors and tagged for the dark crime of censorship. This want of evenhandedness makes little impression on the media, and there is no outrage over the facts revealed again in Los Angeles: that the gay activists are seeking, overtly, to repress their opposition-to silence anyone who would call into question the homosexual life."

Speaking of the media, in the next chapter we'll examine the role the mainstream media and

Hollywood are playing in the war against Christianity. Their combined influence on our culture is profound and must not be overlooked by those who believe that Judeo-Christian values are vital foundations to our political liberties.

chapter ten

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