Press Attacks and the Great Commission

Sometimes the press just doesn't understand the commitment some Christians have to their perceived duty to honor Christ's Great Commission, set forth in Matthew 28:19-20, sending them to preach the Gospel the world over. This could be seen in the incredulity of certain critics that Dayna Curry and Heather Mercer, the two Christian missionaries who were rescued from an Afghan prison for evangelizing, would dare consider doing it all over again. Brad Buchholz, writing in the Austin American Statesman, was clearly put off by their persistence. "How dare these Americans endanger their own livesand those of innocents-by tempting fate yet again, carrying Christianity to cultures that forbid it. After all: Isn't the ethos of American liberty grounded in respect for all creeds, all colors, all faiths?" Sadly, in Buchholz's worldview, Christian proselytizers in the service of Christ by spreading the Gospel are showing disrespect for those of other creeds, colors, and faiths.

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