No Can Do

At a high school in Hampton, Virginia, Warriors for Christ, a student club, organized a canned food drive to raise funds for the local YMCA women's shelter. But authorities apparently concluded the project was tainted because the students decided to call it the "Easter Can Drive." No, no, no! Such language could not be tolerated in Kecoughton High School. Administrators demanded that the drive be renamed the "Spring Can Drive" because some might find the invocation of Easter offensive. But which is more offensive, a Christian club attaching a

Christian name to its philanthropic activity, or school officials declaring that words depicting sacred Christian holidays are offensive? And where is the tolerance? Do you think the school would have dared prohibit a group of Muslims from naming an activity after Ramadan? Even Americans United for Separation of Church and State reportedly believes the Christian group has the right to use "Easter" in naming the food drive. Now that is remarkable! The principle established in this case is that Christian symbols are sufficiently offensive to non-Christian students to justify the suppression of the Christian students' religious freedom.

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