National Endowment for the Arts

Such disgusting displays and productions are hardly unusual for the NEA. The NEA gave a $31,500 grant to The Watermelon Woman, a "black history" film described by one reviewer as "the hottest dyke sex scene ever recorded on celluloid." It gave $36,500 to "The Dinner Party," a 140-foot triangle portraying the "imagined genitalia of thirty-nine historically important women, including Susan B. Anthony and Georgia O'Keefe " The NEA also made a handsome grant to "Highways," a Santa Monica performance center, "where genitalia and homoerotic exhibitionism are mainstays:' This fine institution presented Boys R Us, which it promoted as "our continuing series of hot summer nights with hot fags," and Not for Republicans, which featured as one of its topics, "sex with Newt Gingrich's mom."

Why is the NEA given a pass by the tolerance and diversity police? "No agency of the government has done more to insult the values of traditional Americans than has the NEA," observed Martin Mawyer, president of the Christian Action Network. Over the years, said

Mawyer, "Christian Action Network has identified numerous NEAsupported works of art which mock religious values, highlight nudity and sexual perversion, glorify profanity, feature human mutilation, and celebrate sadomasochism and torture, to name only a few outrageous examples." Why do the high priests of political correctness not intervene on behalf of Christians, whose faith is denigrated by these vulgar displays of insensitivity and intolerance? And why are these government-supported expressions of hostility to Christianity not challenged by the strict separationists? Perhaps it's not government sponsorship that they object to, but rather the sponsorship of Christian expression; the ugly truth is that government endorsement of antiChristian norms and activities is wholeheartedly accepted.

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