Nancy Pearcey

Christians have two tasks: First, we are called to preach the gospel in language people will understand. And our message will not be taken seriously unless we also exhibit the character of God in our practical mode of life. In the days of the early church, the thing that most impressed outsiders was the community of love among believers. "Behold how they love one another." In every age, the credibility of the biblical message depends on authentic communities exhibiting God's love and grace.

Second, we are called to be channels of grace to the wider culture in which we live. Because of the fact/value dichotomy, the great towering ideals that once guided our civilization have crumbled into a morass of subjective relativism. We need to challenge the postmodernism that has marginalized religion and morality as private experience, reassert their status as objective knowledge, and reclaim a place at the table of public discourse.

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