Intellectual Vapidity

The left-wing bias at some universities is so pronounced that it borders on the bizarre, as witnessed by the silly and biased ideas being dished out as education all over the country. A quick spin through university curricula circa 2000, as reported in the Washington Times, showcased courses on:

• "Marxism: What Is to Be Learned from It?"-The work of the venerable godfather of Communism, according to the University of Virginia course description, is the "standard against which all subsequent social thought must be judged ... It's worth devoting an entire semester to it."

• "Bodies Politic: Queer Theory and Literature of the Body." This Cornell University course looks into the way in which "concepts of perversion and degeneration haunt the idea of the social body," and "how... individual bodies are stigmatized, encoded, and read within the social sphere."

• "Death, Suicide and Trauma." UCLA students of this class will learn about the "definition and taxonomy of death, new permissiveness and taboos related to death; romanticization of death; role of individual in his own demise; modes of death; development of ideas of death through life ... partial death, megadeath; lethally psychological autopsy; death of institutions and cultures."

• "Sex and Death," at Carnegie Mellon University. Here the students will examine "whether we need to liberate death now that (maybe) we have figured sex out."

• "Women's Studies," where Maine's Bowden College students will explore such heady questions as "Is Beethoven's Ninth Symphony a marvel of abstract architecture culminating in a gender-free paean to human solidarity, or does it model the process of rape?"

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