In the Military

Our culture's hypersensitivity toward non-Christians has reached such heights that it has even affected our servicemen preparing for war on foreign soil. "In an effort to appease the religious intolerance of other countries," wrote John W. Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute, "American soldiers are being forced to leave their religion at home as they depart to fight for our liberties." Whitehead was referring to an order by military leaders that soldiers not wear religious jewelry or other outward symbols of their faith. One military chaplain opposed to the directive remarked, "We have all these fine young American men and women over here. They're great Americans. They're great soldiers. Yet they're expected to surrender their religious practices when they arrive" Of all people who should be permitted free rein in exercising their faith, it is soldiers risking their lives to defend our constitutional freedoms, which do not stop at the water's edge. "It would serve our military leaders well to remember that the United States Constitution applies to American citizens in whatever part of the world they may find themselves-whether it be Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, or Afghanistan," noted Whitehead.

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