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How about the three authors of the Federalist Papers: Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay? These three men did as much as any others to ensure ratification of the Constitution through their profound and learned defense of its principles, contained in those writings now known as The Federalist Papers. Listen to Alexander Hamilton: "I have carefully examined the evidences of the Christian religion, and if I was sitting as a juror upon its authenticity I would unhesitatingly give my verdict in its favor. I can prove its truth as clearly as any proposition ever submitted to the mind of man." Hamilton, along with the Reverend James Bayard, helped to form the Christian Constitutional Society. The society's first two objectives, said Hamilton were, "the support of the Christian religion" and "the support of the United States. Hamilton was convinced that "natural liberty is a gift of the beneficent Creator, to the whole human race; and that civil liberty is founded in that; and cannot be wrested away from any people, without the most manifest violation of justice."

James Madison, the "Father of the Constitution" and fourth president of the United States, who spoke 161 times at the Constitutional Convention, second only to Gouverneur Morris, was also a committed Christian. He studied at Princeton under one of the nation's foremost theologians, the Reverend John Witherspoon, who famously charged, "Cursed be all that learning that is contrary to the cross of Christ." Madison said that "Religion [is] the basis and foundation of Government." He wrote in the margins of his personal Bible, "Believers who are in a State of Grace, have need of the word of God for their Edification and Building up therefore implies a possibility of falling." His other notes make clear that he firmly believed in the divinity of Jesus Christ.

John Jay was the first chief justice of the United States Supreme Court. On October 12, 1816, he said, "Providence has given to our people the choice of their rulers, and it is the duty, as well as the privilege and interest of our Christian nation to select and prefer Christians for their rulers."

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