Dr James Dobson

Conservative Christians are subjected to such virulent hostility primarily because we pose a threat to the leftist, immoral agenda of the media and entertainment industries. When believers conform to the dictates of scripture, they have the temerity to stand against abortion, euthanasia, "population control," condom distribution, pornography, sexual license, and the tax-and-spend policies of liberal government. Above all else, religious conservatives are hated because some of them-very few, unfortunately-are willing to oppose the gay and lesbian agenda in all its excesses, from the push to legalize same-sex "marriage" and adoption to the lowering of the age of consent, the advancement of pro-homosexual school curriculum, and the construction of "bath house" establishments.

In contrast to those who promote immorality, committed Christians invoke the name of God in advocating purity and charity and advocating the sanctity of human life, the permanence of marriage, abstinence, brotherhood, and bringing up children in the fear and admonition of the Lord. Those who take the scriptures literally stand by the side of the highway to perdition, warning travelers that dangers lie ahead and urging them to take a higher road. For this, we are despised. Jesus Himself told us we would be hated for what has been called "the offense of the cross." Ultimately, this is what elicits such hostility from those who are opposed to our system of values.

Liberal activists discriminate against conservative Christians for political reasons as well. Evangelical Christians and conservative Catholics are a potent and growing force in the public square, with some estimates suggesting that they number as many as forty million strong. A group that size dwarfs other voting blocs! Those on the leftist end of the spectrum realize that Christians pose this threat to their goals; therefore, Christians are met with an even greater degree of animosity. It is true that some other religious groups, such as Muslims, promote traditional values here in the United States. However, these groups are not typically as politically active as Christians, and are not as well-organized or well-represented in terms of sheer numbers.

As for Christianity's perceived judgmentalism, it would be difficult to argue that anyone could be more judgmental than those who preach "tolerance" as the highest of virtues. For example, the gay rights movement has said, in effect: "We don't merely want your tolerance, we demand your acceptance and affirmation-forcibly, if necessary. We will change the laws in order to thrust our lifestyle upon you. But we will not tolerate the views of those who oppose us. We will label anyone who disagrees with our agenda as hateful, bigoted, and homophobic, and on that basis we will endeavor to eradicate all opposing viewpoints from the public square." This can already been seen in the push within several states to legalize gay marriage. And most ominously, it is evidenced in the introduction of "hate" crime laws prohibiting language that might "incite" people to discriminate against others. This dangerous legislation provides no exceptions for pastors and other people of faith who might take exception to homosexual behavior on purely biblical grounds.

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