Dr D James Kennedy

First, there is no question that Christianity is foundational to our liberties. This country was founded by a society that was overwhelmingly Christian. In 1776, 98 percent of the people in American professed to be Protestant Christians, 1.8 percent professed to be Roman Catholic Christians, and 0.2 percent professed to be Jewish. That means that 99.8 percent of the people in America in 1776 professed to be Christians. In 1620, they were all Christians, in 1630 when the Pilgrims came, they were still all Christians, but as late as 1776 it was 99.8 percent. So this country was founded by an overwhelming percentage of Christian people and of course all you hear about are the few that weren't. These are the only people that the public media and the schools ever talk about. Jefferson, Franklin, and so on were the tiny minority that weren't Evangelical Christians. So when those Christians founded this country, it wasn't a theocracy. There was more liberty here than had ever existed in the world anywhere else. Patrick Henry said, "America was not founded by religionists but by Christians. It was not founded upon religions but upon the gospel of Jesus Christ." And for that reason people of every religion came here and found complete freedom to exercise their religion as they saw fit. The fact of the matter is that a Christian nation, overwhelmingly Christian, grants more freedom to everybody else than any other nation in the world. And the people that cry theocracy, if you go to whatever nation it is that holds the view that they hold, you will find a tiny fraction of the freedom and liberty that Christians gave to everybody in this country. The atheists: go to Russia and see what kind of freedom the Soviet Union gave people. If they are Muslims, go to Saudi Arabia or Iran or Afghanistan and see what kind of freedom those people have there. No matter where you go, Christians provide more liberty for more people.

Indeed, Washington talked about morality and religion being the twin pillars of our society and of our Constitution and therefore that those who labor to subvert those pillars need not claim the mantle of patriotism because they are not patriotic. They are opposed to the very foundations upon which this nation was built. Andrew Jackson said, "the Bible, sir, is the rock upon which this Republic stands." Of course, today, this is a view that is totally alien to many Americans.

But I have a very optimistic outlook in spite of everything that we've said and this astonishes many people. I believe that not only are we going to win, I believe we are in fact winning the battle for cultural moral value. Nothing on the surface would give that impression. What do I base that upon? Well, if you look at the Gallup organization figures, they show that about eighty-five or eighty-six percent of the American people have professed to be Christians over the last thirty years or so. That doesn't change very much. But then they ask a collection of questions such as, "Have you had a personal experience with Jesus Christ that has transformed your life?"; "Have you been born again?"; which is basically the same thing, and "Do you have the assurance of eternal life?" The nominal Christian would simply not answer affirmatively because he wouldn't even know what you're talking about. By the way, let me point out to you that it's only in Christianity that you have nominal and real believers.

A nominal Christian may have joined a church, been baptized, and confirmed, but he has never been born again or regenerated and therefore no other religion has regeneration because no other religion has the Holy Spirit who regenerates people. And therefore, only Christianity has nominal and real members. But the real Christians in this country that would answer positively the questions that I gave you-and no such polls are perfect-have gone up from in the last thirty or forty years from about twenty-three percent to between forty-five and fifty percent. Now I think that is extraordinarily encouraging and I believe that in the next ten to fifteen years, those figures are going to go up to fifty, fifty-five, fifty-seven, or fifty-eight percent. And we're going to see a huge sea change in this country when that happens and many of the ungodly, immoral, unethical things that are called by all kinds of other names rather than what they really are, various kinds of sin, these things are going to melt like the frost before the rising sun as this nation becomes more and more Christianized. And you are going to see changes everywhere. Fifteen years from now this country, I believe, and I'm not a prophet, but I believe that what we have seen is going to show that that is actually what is happening and we are very close to that crux when it's going to shift from a majority of non-Christians to a majority of Christians and that is going to be a very interesting time. I have said that Springtime is coming to America. Not much on the surface shows it right now, but it's happening.

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