Christians as Persecutors

The media sometimes take indirect potshots at Christianity and Christians as well. In an unsigned editorial discussing the discovery of the possible burial box of James, the brother of Jesus, the Boston Globe gratuitously referred to Christianity as a persecutor of Judaism.

"The artifact," said the Globe, "publicized earlier this month in an archeology review, recalls a time when Christianity was a sect of Judaism, not its persecutor Scholars have rediscovered James and are placing him at the forefront of early Christianity. Their work cannot undo the centuries of anti-Semitism that have disfigured Christianity." This column is as inaccurate as it is incendiary, if it was intending to suggest that the Holocaust should be blamed on Christians. As the Massachusetts News staff wrote in a counter-editorial, "Are we to believe that the Globe is blaming the Holocaust on Christians? No one believes that. William Shirer reported that Hitler hated Christians and many were put to death Many Christians ... died as heroes and heroines because they had the courage to fight Hitler."

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