Christian Friendliness Frowned Upon

When corporations, on the other hand, express a friendlier attitude toward Christianity, they are often subjected to severe criticism from "tolerant" forces in society. One television producer in Boca Raton, Florida, sued her employer, asserting that the company's stuffing of Scripture into pay envelopes and holding Bible study sessions in the office created a religiously hostile workplaces' An openly lesbian city employee of Oakland, California, sued her personnel director for announcing at his first departmental staff meeting that he was a "Christian and he would run the organization on Christian values."58 A bank in the Rochester, New York, area was so intent on not being associated with Christianity that it deleted a fifth-grade student's depiction of a steeple and a cross from the drawing he presented as part of a Christmas card designing contest in 2002, saying the inclusion of religious imagery was not allowed.

And when Chevrolet made a decision to sponsor a Christian music tour-though it had sponsored innumerable non-religious concerts and tours in the past-it was roundly criticized as being "divisive." The month-long, sixteen-city "Come Together and Worship Tour" offered two acts featuring contemporary Christian music, Michael W. Smith and Third Day, and pastor and author Max Lucado. Phyllis Tickle, contributing religious editor for Publishers Weekly, said, "This is surprising-a real blurring of the lines between the commercial and the sacred. And it's unfortunate, because it compromises both sides. We know that church and state are never supposed to meet, and I think it's also a bad idea for church and Wall Street to be meeting like this. Chevrolet refused to cancel the concert, and its spokesman, Tom Wilkinson, denied that Christianity was being singularly promoted, noting that the company had sponsored a variety of concerts, from country and jazz to gospel. Chevrolet insisted it wasn't sending a message of exclusion, merely targeting the Christian consumer with this particular tour. Chevrolet spokesmen Steve Betz pointed out that research reveals that in twenty-six of the forty-four markets in the Southeast-where the tour was primarily focused-Bible study and devotional reading were the main leisure activities. "This is the Bible Belt," said Betz.

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