Anti Religion Dress Codes

The anti-religious bias in the private sector even extends to dress codes. Western Newspapers, Inc., of Prescott Valley, Arizona, prohibited one of its employees from wearing "offensive" clothing. What was offensive? Two polo shirts with small embroidered religious symbols, one a fish reading "Jesus" and the other an American Bald Eagle reading, "Isaiah 40:31."

In another such example, Cindy Dunn of Springville, Alabama, filed a lawsuit for religious discrimination against a Target store in Trussville, Alabama, alleging she was fired for refusing to remove or conceal a cross necklace to make it invisible to customers. Target denied the claim, saying that, "at Target, we respect and value the individuality of all team members and guests." But Dunn said that after she had been employed three months, store managers ordered her to tuck the necklace under her clothing because it was offensive to some. Dunn alleged that when she refused, her supervisor and a human resources manager tried to persuade her to comply. Thereafter, she said, managers began to harass and intimidate her with disciplinary actions. She said a store security employee revealed to her that he had been instructed to watch her more closely-apparently to catch her in mistakes-because the store "wanted her gone."

In the next chapter we will see that the separationists are actively promoting secular values in the public square, just as they are in the education system. While celebrating "tolerance" and "diversity" as the highest virtues, the secular left displays rank intolerance toward Christians, their beliefs and values. The mounting evidence leads to the inescapable conclusion that secular forces are engaged in a war not to preserve a wall of separation, but rather to radically secularize our society.

chapter Nine

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