Another Double Standard

The major media often exhibit a double standard in their portrayal of murders and other acts of violence, depending upon the identity and motive of the perpetrators and the victims. Murders committed against homosexuals by those presumed prejudiced against them receive top billing and endless replay. Those committed by homosexuals and anti-Christian bigots are swept far under the rug. In videotapes made by Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold before massacring their fellow students at Columbine High School in April 1999, the two revealed a deep antipathy toward Christianity. "What would Jesus do?" Klebold yells while making faces at the camera. "What would I do?" Then he points an imaginary gun at the camera and says, "Boosh!" Harris says, "Yeah, I love Jesus. I love Jesus. Shut the f-up Go Romans. Thank God they crucified that a-hole." Then both kids chant, "Go Romans! Go Romans! Yeah! Whoo!" Klebold also referred to Christian student Rachel Scott as a "godly whore" and a "stuck-up little b-:" Yet in its twenty-page cover story report of the tragedy, Time magazine mentioned nothing about these comments.

We saw this same deliberate omission of the anti-Christian aspect in the reporting of some networks on a shooting inside a Fort Worth church in 1999. While NBC reported that the shooter was "ranting anti-religious curses," and ABC revealed that a witness said, "The gunman appeared to be taunting Christians," both CBS and CNN kept quiet on and perhaps even suppressed any speculation on the shooter's motive. The Media Research Center reported that CBS began its news report on the story with "If forty-seven-year-old Larry Ashbrook had a motive to his madness, it apparently died with him Police say the shooter had no criminal record, no hate-group ties." (According to the media, hate is a possible motive only if it comes from Christians, not against them.)

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