Academic Freedom and Tolerance Speech Codes

Most people have heard of the speech codes existing on campuses across America that censor politically incorrect speech. It has been estimated that ninety percent of American universities have speech codes. Ostensibly, they are most often adopted to promote a peaceful educational environment. These codes gained prominence in the 1980s, and many professors and students have felt their sting. In one disturbing case, a seventy-four-year-old professor was yanked from his classroom during class and interrogated while armed guards looked on. But that's just one example of the hundreds of cases where university authorities punished professors or students, essentially for expressing politically incorrect views. In some cases, the violation was not even one of commission, but of omission, as when a residential adviser at Carnegie Mellon was canned for refusing to put on a pink triangle (symbol of gay behavior) during mandatory "gay and lesbian sensitivity training."

There is simply no room for dissent in the politically correct atmosphere of the college campuses today. The sponsors of these speech codes pretend they are vindicating minority rights and preventing harassment of protected groups, but no matter how nicely they dress it up, in the end it amounts to no less than mind control and speech regulation for political purposes.

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Friendly Persuasion

Friendly Persuasion

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