Part II

Professor Biography i

Course Scope 1

Lecture Thirteen Movement Meets World: Five Key Transitions 2

Lecture Fourteen Ritual Imprinting and Politics of Perfection 4

Lecture Fifteen Glossolalia and the Embarrassments of

Experience 6

Lecture Sixteen Meals Are Where the Magic Is 8

Lecture Seventeen Healing and Salvation 10

Lecture Eighteen Access to Power: Visions and Prayer 12

Lecture Nineteen The Holy Community 14

Lecture Twenty The Community's Worship 16

Lecture Twenty-One The Transforming Word of Scripture 18

Lecture Twenty-Two Teachers and Creeds 20

Lecture Twenty-Three The Power of the Saints 22

Lecture Twenty-Four Christianities Popular and Real 24

Timeline 27

Glossary 28

Bibliography 31

0 0

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