Translators Kote To Tiie Third Impression

i have been glad of the opportunity of revision afforded by the gratifying welcome which English readers have given to tins book. The difficulty of stereotype has unfortunately prevented me from removing a great many minor typographical irregularities, but I have been able to correct a number of inaccuracies in the translation. Had it been possible I should have wished further to substitute submerged (submergence) for abased (abasement) on pp. 10, 18, 20, 36, 52, 92, and to give exuberant (exuberance) as an alternative for over-abounding (over-aboundingness) on pp. 37, 39, 88, 107. The reader is requested to make these alterations for himself.

The appendixes of the later editions of Das Heilige, the continual multiplication of which had threatened to overwhelm the original text, have now been published with additional matter in a separate volume entitled Aufsätze das Nwwnose betreffend (Essays concerning the Numinous), and a translation of the table of contents of this work has been inserted on p. 235, in order that the reader may at least have an inkling in what directions The. Idea of the Holy has been supplemented by these later essays. One of these, The Ilesurreetinn as a Spiritual Experience, has been added (slightly curtailed) to this edition as Appendix XII, so that about two-fifths of the Aufsätze are now included in the present translation. I may add that the eleventh German edition of Das Heilige contains a good deal of additional matter, mostly citations from various authors, which as they illustrate rather th;m amplify the author's argument, it has not been judged worth while to include in this impression.

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