Arthur J Arberry Uttd

Fellow of Pembroke College and Sir Thomas Adams's Professor of Arabic in the University of Cambridge


Westpcn, Connecticut

Published in 1951 by J. Murray, London Hyperion reprint edition 1979, 83, 92 Library of Congress Catalog Number 78-59000 ISBN 0-88355-676-6 Printed in the United States of America

Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication Data Avicenna. 980-1037. Avicenna on theology.

Reprint of the 1951 ed. published by J. Murray. London, in the Wisdom of the East series. Includes index.

I. Islamic theology—Early works to 1800. 2. Avicenna, 980-1037. 3. Muslims—Biography. I. Arberry, Arthur John, 1903-1969. II. Title. III. Series: The Wisdom of the East scries. (BPI66.A92 I979J 297'.2 78-59000 ISBN 0-8835S-676-6

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