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Notes on contributors page ix Preface xiii

Part one: Types of postmodern theology

1 Theology and the condition of postmodernity: a report on knowledge (of God) 3

kevin ). vanhoozer

2 Anglo-American postmodernity: a theology of communal practice 26

nancey murphy and brad j. kallenberc

3 Postliberal theology 42

george hunsinger

4 Postmetaphysical theology 58

thomas a. carlson

5 Deconstructive theology 76

graham ward

6 Reconstructive theology 92

david ray griffin

7 Feminist theology 109

mary mcclintock fulkerson

8 Radical orthodoxy 126

d. stephen long

Part two: Christian doctrine in postmodern perspective

9 Scripture and tradition 149

kevin j. vanhoozer

10 Theological method 170

dan r. stiver

11 The Trinity 186

david s. cunningham

12 God and world 203

philip clayton

13 The human person 219

john webster

14 Christ and salvation 235 walter lowe

15 Ecclesiology 252

stanley j. grenz

16 Holy Spirit and Christian spirituality 269

david f. ford

Index 291

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