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The Peace of Mind Public Speaking Program is specifically designed to help corporate and business professionals develop peace of mind with public speaking so they can present any information to any audience with confidence, poise and enthusiasm. The goal is to help change the way you see public speaking by defusing the destructive fear, anxiety and stress triggers that keep you in a fear-based mindset. The Peace of Mind Public Speaking Program provides practical and proven tools to help develop a positive and empowering approach that strengthens your inherent skills and confidence and enables the real you your genuine and authentic self to naturally shine. The Peace of Mind Public Speaking Program was created by Anthony Lindan, a veteran workshop facilitator, keynote speaker and corporate entertainer. The program draws on Anthonys unique experience and insights learned during a 20 year career delivering thousands of presentations to corporate and business audiences across North America. Heres What Youll Learn: Why you need to approach public speaking with an attitude of peace of mind. Four secrets that will change how you see public speaking and help you develop peace of mind. How to defuse your fear based thinking with a simple 3 step process. How to develop and project your inherent and authentic confidence. The critical 3 confidence triggers and 3 universal confidence builders. The new rules of audience engagement. How to be engaging and genuinely connect with your audience. Anthony Lindans ground-breaking Thumb Up System that makes it easy to prepare and deliver a winning speech or presentation. How to apply this information and develop your personal peace of mind action plan. Read more...

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Contents: Seven MP3 Audio Modules, PDF Workbook
Author: Anthony Lindan
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This e-book comes with the great features it has and offers you a totally simple steps explaining everything in detail with a very understandable language for all those who are interested.

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Learning Ebook Public Speaking With Confidence

Public Speaking with Confidence Ebook is a perfect guide for learning how to speak in public with confidence which is based on research and studies in the arena of public speaking skills. We tried the best to make it an easy learning course for your convenience and we have the faith that by reading this ebook you will be able to improve your public speaking skills. You will be able to discover instantly: How to define topic for public speaking. What you need to follow for speaking in public with your idea in hand without any fear. What to follow and avoid to become a good Speaker. What things can make your speaking more friendly, extraordinary and interesting

Learning Ebook Public Speaking With Confidence Summary

Contents: EBook
Author: Shafiqul
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Price: $17.00

Obama Persuasion & Speaking Skills Revealed

In the e-Book A Presidential Approach to Public Speaking and Persuasion, I'll take you step by step through the same techniques that Barack Obama used in his speeches during his bid for the White House. The techniques he still uses today. Using simple exercises and practices, you'll gain confidence and perfect your presentation skills. You'll learn: Overcome your fear of speaking in front of a live audienceH. ow to overcome your fear of speaking in front of a live audience. organize your speechesHow to organize your speeches so they're meaningful and have cadence. speaking to motivate the people around youHow to use these techniques not just for work, and in every day life to help motivate the people around you. the right speaking techniqueThe difference between practicing technique and practicing the ight technique. impact your audienceHow to magnify your words and craft memorable lines that impact your audience. put power and passion into your speakingHow to put power and passion into your speaking. common speaking situationsThe most common speaking situations and how you can handle them.

Obama Persuasion & Speaking Skills Revealed Summary

Contents: EBook
Author: Brian Crosby
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Price: $29.99

Public Speaking Success E-program

Working through my package in your own space and time will change your life. You will experience a transformation from crisis to confidence. You will celebrate a new calm that you can apply, not just to speaking and performance, but to your life and your relationships. You will marvel at boosted energy flows and heightened motivation. What you gain from Conquer Your Fear of Public Speaking: Presenting Your Best. 100 percent success rate for clients who complete this program. My Relax on Cue MP3 file that gives you access to the most powerful anti-fear weapon in your subconscious. The unbreakable rules that make a short speech a winner. How to fit your speech preparation into the time you have, not the time you need. How to use body language to engage rather than distract your audience. How to gauge and improve the pace and pitch of your presentations. Practical tips on handling interruptions, hecklers and difficult questions.

Public Speaking Success Eprogram Summary

Contents: E-book And MP3 File
Author: Dr Jeannette Kavanagh
Official Website:
Price: $17.00

How To Make Speaking In Public, Easy

In this book, you will get a Magic Key of 35 Tips which can transform your Public Speaking experience to one of Mind Boggling excitement as you receive your first tumultuous applause and even, your first Standing Ovation! It is the Original 6 Step Success Cycle System! It is offered because the most important skill that any great Public Speaker has is the ability to speak directly from who they are, their values, and their personal experience. To find out what your values are you need to follow a process, which helps you prioritise them. Essentially, what the book provides is a way for you to lose your fear so that you can be an authentic You, overflowing with confidence! You will learn how to structure your speech so that you are never boring. You will learn how how to create a fascinating speech on the spur of the moment. You will find out how to use jokes, humour and stories. Most importantly, you will learn how to capture those nerves and use them to power your presenation. Read more...

How To Make Speaking In Public Easy Summary

Contents: EBook
Author: Roger Bourne
Official Website:
Price: $8.99

Equality Of What and of Whom

It seems clear that no one expected that everyone of those citizens who attended a meeting of the Assembly could or would address his fellow citizens. There were numerous 'quiet Athenians',37 not least because to address the Assembly one needed some skill and experience in public speaking and some familiarity with the debated issues. Furthermore, to draw up a proposal in writing was a specialist skill. But as an ideal, public speaking was also a possibility, there for anyone who cared to put his views before the Assembly and so demonstrate his own excellence on the basis of which he would be publicly acknowledged and rewarded. As a regular procedure, a herald issued an invitation to all at the Assembly by asking 'who wishes to speak ' The types of people with a variety of personal talents and from a variety of backgrounds who sought power and influence in the Assembly changed during the two centuries of expanding democracy. If in the sixth century Athenian public life was dominated by...

Lord Palmerston

Like Moses, Shaftesbury did not live to see his promised land realised, however, through his lobbying, writings and public speaking he did more than any other British politician to inspire a generation of Caleb's and Joshua's to translate his religious vision into a political reality.

Ecclesial Life

The teaching which is given in the ecclesia should obviously be based upon God's Word. Those who do the public speaking within the ecclesia are therefore reflecting God, speaking on His behalf. Because God is male, it follows that only the brethren should do the work of public instruction from God's Word. 1 Cor. 14 34 could not be plainer Let your women keep silence in the churches for it is not permitted unto them to speak . 1 Tim. 2 11-15 traces the reason for this back to the events in the garden of Eden because Eve taught Adam to commit sin, woman should not now teach man. The fact that God formed Adam before Eve is a sign that the head of the woman is the man (1 Cor. 11 3), and therefore the man should spiritually lead the woman rather than vice versa.

Public Speaking For Beginners

Public Speaking For Beginners

Speaking in front of people, large crowds in particular, is usually perceived as the most stressful experience imaginable. The following ideas in this course are designed to help you, or anyone for that matter, convey your ideas and messages to either one person, or a large group in just about any setting.

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