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This eBook is designed to show you that everyone was born with amazing powers of telepathy, clairvoyance, mind-control, and other supernatural abilities. However, you will find that these powers are far from supernatural These can be used by anyone, and this series of eBooks can show you how to access those powers. You will be able to reach a plane of reality that almost no one has access to, and be able to think on a different plane than anyone you know. Anyone can get these powers. All it takes is someone that is willing to learn them. Even if you've never heard that these are real, you can get the ability to use any of them if you put your mind to it. All it takes is knowledge, and you can find everything you need in this book series. Mental powers beyond what most people have ever thought of are in your hands! Read more here...

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The 7 Day Psychic Development Course

Discover How To Increase Your Intuition Within 7 Days, It's Safe, Simple And Fun Plus Designed To Dramatically Increase Your Intuitive Psychic Abilites In Just A Few Short Days. Written By A Real Psychic With A Lifetime Of Experience In The Industry. The Day Psychic Development Course is a radical departure from the stale, rehashed material concerning psychic abilities that are currently widely available. The exercises contained in this seven day course. offer simple, unique, fun and highly effective. methods of psychic development. The results experienced after performing the exercises detailed in these pages can be quite astonishing. People are often amazed when they discover just how limitless their intuitive skills really are. I have seen psychic and intuitive development courses on the internet costing hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars The exercises contained in this ebook are every bit as effective as any workshop, class or retreat available anywhere in the world today. Learn at your own pace, in your own home and have fun doing it! Read more here...

The 7 Day Psychic Development Course Summary

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Reply to Argument III

It does not follow that if Rundle's noncausal account of human agency fails, then his case against divine agency fails. But as one looks more closely at some of Rundle's other examples, his overall case against theism wavers. Take, for example, the following critique of divine agency. He allows that some intentional control over remote objects may be imaginable or intelligible, but theism nonetheless faces an intractable difficulty with conceiving of the scope and precision of divine causation. Rundle shapes his objection against a proposal that psychokinesis could provide a model for thinking of divine agency. Those who believe in the reality of psychokinesis consider it possible to effect changes in the world merely through an act of will - Locke's account of voluntary action, we may note, amounts to regarding it as an exercise of psychokinesis directed at one's own limbs. It is not absurd to suppose that issuing a spoken command should have an effect on things in one's environment,...

The Divine Life

While on the surface this commandment is speaking of the physical act of murder, there are many ways we can bring down and destroy a person, or serve to undermine the humanity of ourselves and others. Many people with some metaphysical awareness speak of experiences of psychic attack. While actual psychic assaults are possible through a peiversion of mystical and magical knowledge, in truth, all-out magical attacks are relatively rare. Yet, every time we harbor negative thoughts and t . ions towards someone, we are committing a psychic assault. Likewise, malicious gossip and negative speech, whether true or untrue is also a form of psychic assault. In a certain sense, we do murder people by holding ill will against them and, without a doubt, we do harm to ourselves. Recognizing this, Gnostic initiates seek to dispel all forms of

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