Desiderata For Social Trinitarianism

Thus far I am merely expounding Swinburne's version of Social Trinitarianism, except that I have already argued that Swinburne's controversial thesis of human thisness is a distraction, quite unnecessary for his project. I shall now list some desiderata not mentioned by Swinburne. In this section I consider those which Swinburne's own version of Social Trinitarianism in fact satisfy. In the next I shall argue that we need to meet further desiderata, and thus moderate Social Trini-tarianism in ways which Swinburne does not.

Some of the desiderata for Trinitarianism reflect my reluctance to reject the monotheism of Jews and Muslims. Others are based on what I take to be the tradition of Christian orthodoxy, expressed primarily by the Councils of Nicea and Constantinople, but also, to some extent, by the Athanasian Creed.

!0 This is to bracket off the problems of how we talk about the divine. I assume the phrase 'without mere equivocation' covers both univocal and analogical accounts.

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